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Boulder Canyon Logging Map v1.0
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Boulder Canyon Logging Map v1.0

Boulder Canyon Logging Map is the first logging map for FS19!
Authors: BeardShot Gaming, Giants Software

BeardShot Gaming, Giants Software

  • Lyriga
    2018-11-25 20:23
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    Cool map. I got inspired, yet I think I can't do on it what I'd like to use it for. You see, a place of complete forest gives you change to clear space and set all your own farm, where ever you choose, make your own fields and so on. Forestry as part yes, but what I really want is that out-back horse farm, with no other housing, no neighbors - just endless forests to ride those horses at.
  • Kevin
    2018-11-28 22:56
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    No matter what i do this map will not show up in my maps. It downloads with no problem but when I try and actually play the map it doesn't want to show up as a map. Can i get help with this because I really want to do some logging and cant get it to work.
  • Nick
    2018-12-18 09:31
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    I have the same problem. the map shows up in the mods but not in the maps. cam someone help us get this fixed.
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