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Brighten Honey Dew Farms XL v1.0.0.0
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Brighten Honey Dew Farms XL v1.0.0.0

EN (Original): For those of you who want to brighten up Honey Dew Farms XL.
FR: Pour ceux d'entre vous qui veulent égayer Honey Dew Farms XL.
PL: Dla tych z Was, którzy chcą rozjaśnić Honey Dew Farms XL.
DE: Für alle, die Honey Dew Farms XL aufpeppen möchten.


  • Tinman
    2018-12-15 15:41 Send message
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    Remember to say your old mapDe just incase you don't like it. I can also show you how to adjust it if it's to bright for you
  • Dudicrous
    2018-12-17 03:02 Send message
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    love the map, its great however I can not add animals to the animal pens that are provided after purchasing the land,,
  • Tinman
    2018-12-17 23:09 Send message
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    What version are you running?
  • Machman23
    2018-12-18 22:12 Send message
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    hi tin man what happend to [pleasant valley] mate i liked it . hoping for update but cant find it any where
  • Tinman
    2018-12-18 22:55 Send message
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    Yeah I'm had them remove it over all the hostility. Apparently someone had a map called Pleasant Valley in FS17. I was getting called a theif and alot of other stuff
  • Machman23
    2018-12-19 14:49 Send message
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    well mate im still playing it its nice map is there any chance you can rename it and put it back up . i did see the crap you got it was not necessary. you do good work mate don,t let people put you off we all make mistakes ignore them machman
  • The squad
    2019-02-13 14:57
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    hi can you help me down load the map or do avid on it plz like in the vids on the mod
  • Slopppppp
    2019-02-17 00:37
    0 0
    is this place safe
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