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Canadian Farm Map F1
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Canadian Farm Map F1

This one fixe the tree sampling files not loading and causing the map to stall when trying to plant trees. or you can also copy the missing files from the fs19 game folder and copy them to the data folder in the root directory if you understand what I'm saying. I must have deleted them during the cleanup process. No need to start a new game.

Thank you.


  • Wrangler
    2019-10-17 19:10 Send message
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    B.O.B. Looksee By Train - Canadian Farm - Farming Simulator 19 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-6f1gPVi5E
  • Metrix
    2019-10-18 00:18
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    TY I like the map and was playing before the final update then couldn't plant trees anymore. Thought it was a mod I downloaded that was messing with the game at first. Thanks for the fix and good job on the map.
  • Treckerfan
    2019-10-19 12:22 Send message
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    Clipdistance to High
  • More issues found
    2019-10-19 19:04
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    I have found some random lights floating around the main farm area. I dont know if something doesnt load in or didnt download correctly but its quite annnoying.
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