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(EN) Hi. Here is the requested Canadian Flag.
V1.0.2: Texture update

You will find this under placeables in Decoration after you have added this to your mod folder. If you are wanting your country flag added, Please leave comment below.
Enjoy, Cheers, Cazz64

Price: $50
Daily upkeep: $1
Brand: Lizard
Category: Decoration under Palceables
Authors: Cazz64, Giants

(DE) V1.0.1: Unterstützung für mehrere Spieler hinzugefügt.
Hallo. Hier ist die angeforderte kanadisch Flagge.

Sie finden dieses unter Dekoration in Decoration, nachdem Sie es Ihrem Mod-Ordner hinzugefügt haben. Wenn Sie Ihre Landesflagge hinzufügen möchten, hinterlassen Sie bitte einen Kommentar.
Viel Spaß, Cheers, Cazz64

Preis: 50 $
Täglicher Unterhalt: 1 USD
Marke: Eidechse
Kategorie: Dekoration unter Paletten
Autoren: Cazz64, Giants

Cazz64, Giants

  • Wolf pack modding
    2019-01-04 23:57 Send message
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    Not a country flag, but a state flag, would love to see Missouri :)
  • Battlecommander
    2019-01-05 02:04 Send message
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    would love to have an Ontario flag
  • Cazz64
    2019-01-05 23:04 Send message
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    I have just done Missouri & Ontario flags. Cheers
  • Saskyfarmer
    2019-01-06 03:21 Send message
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    Would like to see a saskatchewan flag
  • Cazz64
    2019-01-06 07:11 Send message
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    "SASKYFARMER" Just uploaded Saskatchewan flag for you.
  • Saskyfarmer
    2019-01-06 16:17 Send message
    0 0
    I seen that, awesome and thank you
  • Evandg
    2019-01-07 00:17 Send message
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    can you do a Manitoba/Canadian flag please?
  • Warondar
    2019-05-19 22:27
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    Thanks for all these great flags you're making for everyone. Couldn't download this one, the link is broken.
  • Plans for console
    2019-10-30 00:27
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    will this come to consoles? would love some german & great Britain/united kingdom flags on consoles since there are quite a few of those map mods in consoles, & its i play FS19 on console (i play on a Xbox 1 X) but i plan on getting a gaming computer setup soon hopefully, so i hope you see this message & import it to consoles, would love that very much. tysm, & have a splendid day modder! -sincerely, a console player
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