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CASE IH 235 lawn Tractor and Car Hauler Mod Pack v2.0
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CASE IH 235 lawn Tractor and Car Hauler Mod Pack v2.0

CASE IH 235 lawn Tractor and Car Hauler Mod Pack
For all issues and suggestion please join my Facebook group click_here

Straps for loading on trailers,
Side discharge mower,
Cab with mirrors Optional,
R4 tires,
Wide Tires,
Becons Optional,
Changed character zoom level
Better sound for grass cathcer

Fixed Log errors,
fix many issues with wheels causing glitches like balance and bouncing,
character feet positions,
Loader floating with certain mod trailers,
lowered power

Known issues.
Two different Log warnings that cause absolutely no game or mod issues.
Plow shakes
Comments and questions on any mod sites will not be monitored
Case IH 235 Tractor Under Small Tractors
Case Mower Deck Rear Discharge Under Mowers Has option for Grass Catcher Pipe
Case Mower Deck No Discharge Under Mowers does not leave windrow
Grass Catcher Under Loading Wagon use with Rear discharge mower deck and Grass catcher pipe option
Case utility trailer Under trailers
MarkiwAG Car Hauler Under Low Riders
Blade/Snow Plow Under Misc
Case Loader Under Front Loaders
Case Bucket Under Front Loaders
Case Tiller Under Power Harrows. Has plow and cultivate functionality Can create fields like a plow
Case Front Weight Under Weights
If you don’t have this mod yet you should download it as well

TimModding Tim Markiw

  • Gamerfs
    2019-06-09 00:26
    3 7
    still filled with errors in the log, fix that before adding more features!!
    • Timmodding
      2019-06-09 00:35 Send message
      8 3
      the errors don't affect the mod or the game and i haven't been able to figure out how to fix them but thanks for the comment.
  • Hi


    2019-06-09 01:34
    0 5
    i haven't tried but did you get try but did you fix dumping issue with trailer were you couldn't dump in trailer?
    • Timmodding
      2019-06-09 01:35 Send message
      4 1
      I've never heard of this issue. Do you have more information? https://www.facebook.com/groups/TimModding/
  • @timmodding
    2019-06-09 04:28
    4 3
    Best to learn modding privately so you know errors, what causes them and how to fix them and not learn as you go by releasing mods with errors. This is a good effort and I like the mod and where you are going with it, but there are too many errors as well as needing to clean up and optimise the files to reduce the download file size. Would like to help but I don't use facebook. Looking forward to the v3 release.
    • Timmodding
      2019-06-09 05:21 Send message
      6 2
      I do agree with you but at the same time I don't agree. None of the errors have caused any issues with the mod or the game so why stop people from using the mod just because I've been unable to fix them? The mod is very usable and fun to use. Also if you take a look at nearly any of the popular mods they will have errors, I've checked. Unless you look at one of the edits of something in game there are tons of those mods. We are all learning and trying to create something fun and usable for the
    • Timmodding
      2019-06-09 05:29 Send message
      7 1
      Also I wouldn't turn down the help. I've had no help but I do find it hard to trust people in the Farming Simulator community because of the things I've seen over the years.
  • @timmodding
    2019-06-09 06:36
    3 2
    I agree 110% with what you said about trusting people in the FS community. I have done some modding, and been on various help & support groups in FB, and the times I would request to get some help ABSOLUTELY NO ONE WOULD HELP, and there were people in the groups who could help if they would!! I think they are all scared that you might make something better than they can..JMO. Beginning modders are basically on their own, I learned that a long time ago. Anyway keep up the good work :)
  • Alright! :)
    2019-06-09 07:49
    4 2
    Thanks Tim! :) Can't wait to play with this all night! lol
  • Metal
    2019-06-09 09:16
    4 2
    Thanks Tim, we've all been waiting for the release of v2. I follow on facebook so I've seen the progress along the way. Thanks for your hard work.
  • Name
    2019-06-10 22:21
    0 3
    an sich ein toller mod, aber leider lässt sich das Mähwerk nicht einschalten
    • Timmodding
      2019-06-11 01:22 Send message
      0 2
      Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie den manuellen Mod zum Anhängen verwenden
  • Velocity83
    2019-06-16 14:47 Send message
    2 1
    Great work Tim love using this to keep the farm tidy!!!
  • Dctoe
    2019-06-18 01:42 Send message
    1 1
    Thanks Tim for your hard work. And there is no better way to learn than by doing. :) If I find any errors that can be fixed, I will get in touch with you. Thanks for sharing!
    • Timmodding
      2019-06-18 07:54 Send message
      0 1
      Thank You.
  • Jacob
    2019-06-19 20:19
    0 1
    can you make a john deere l100 image here for the lawn mower https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMdaLmxyRjc
  • Name
    2019-06-20 20:07
    0 1
    how do you download this mod
  • Name
    2019-06-20 20:09
    0 1
    how do i download this mod
  • Bonnie the bunny
    2019-06-24 03:58
    0 1
    can you make a john deere l100 lawn tractor > image here for the lawn mower https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMdaLmxyRjc
    • Timmodding
      2019-07-08 16:03 Send message
      0 0
      That will most likely be one that I make in the future if someone else doesn't first
    • Timmodding
      2019-07-08 16:03 Send message
      0 0
      That will most likely be one that I make in the future if someone else doesn't first
  • Freddy faz bear
    2019-06-25 00:19
    0 1
    can you make the FAHR M66?
    • Timmodding
      2019-07-08 16:02 Send message
      1 0
      I'm making Massey 1525 right now. I pretty much only do utility tractors.
  • Beezy
    2019-08-08 07:37
    1 0
    mower doesn't mow any grass, just runs it over
  • Jaker07
    2019-11-08 01:25 Send message
    0 0
    can you do the same agron from fs13?
  • Hey tim
    2020-03-14 17:13
    1 0
    are you gonna put the john deere 332 mower on here i love your work so much
  • Timmodding
    2020-03-24 02:10 Send message
    0 0
  • Daggerwin fan
    2020-03-25 17:30
    1 0
    this seems like a good mod since i have seen daggerwin use this in his survival series
  • Daggerwin fan
    2020-03-25 17:32
    0 0
    oops wrong mod lol
  • @daggerwin fan
    2020-03-30 06:56
    0 1
    fuck yourself bud, no one cares if you are in the "wrong mod" we know you did it on purpose...
  • Fuck
    2020-05-25 02:10
    0 0
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