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Case IH Magnum - USA and Canada v3.2.0.0
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Case IH Magnum - USA and Canada v3.2.0.0

Are you looking for great American FS19 mods? Then you really need this Case IH Magnum (US and Canada version)! Because it's a really good Farming Simulator 19 mod.

Has all the features of a great American tractor. Direction. The weight of the suitcase at the front. And a red-orange warning triangle at the back.

There are also wheels ... You can choose from wheels from brands such as Firestone, Michelin and Goodyear (floater tires). You can choose from almost 20 different wheel settings. That should take you for a while ...

This mod is made by KarlFarms. He added a lot to the basic Magnum game to give it the feel of America. And it's a well-done job. We are impressed by how this tractor sounds. It has some of the most powerful engine sounds we've ever heard from an FS19 tractor.

Here are the most important facts about this Farming Simulator 19 module:

Brand: Case.
Modder: KarlFarms.
Category: Large tractors.
Base price: 245,000.
Engine configurations: 5.
Power range: 320 to 435 HP.
Top speed: 50 kph / 31 mph.
Available colors: No.
Wheels to choose from: Yes - Tony.
Wheel brands: Trelleborg, Firestone, Michelin and Goodyear.
Front loader for labeling: No.

More benefits: the internal camera is connected to the seat suspension. And after adding wheel weights it affects the physics of the tractor. We can't even start saying how much we love this tractor. Bottom line: This is definitely one of the best FS19 tractor mods to date!

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    2019-09-06 14:40
    3 2
    WTF??? this mod =30Mb, but not 300!!!
  • Bigtonytomato
    2019-09-06 22:45
    4 0
    So this is a pack of mods done by others. the case tractor is by Karl farms, he just updated so get it off his facebook. there is a combine by JHHG. enough said there, it has errors.. he has the terra Gator in here which came out a while back. Helicopter tanks again by JHHG. The reskinned JD 15m plough is in there as well. And last but not least the Steiger by Faith/Karl farms.Thats why its 300 megs.
  • Plans for console
    2019-09-22 19:02
    2 0
    do you have plans of adding this to consoles? i know firestone & goodyear aren't licensed to giants bc they have to, but you can get it to consoles just by removing the firestone & goodyear logo on the tires sidewalls, just like how custom modding did to their john deere 8r US series, especially for their upcoming 7r US series bc of that, but it does look amazing.
  • Plans for console
    2019-10-06 17:47
    2 0
    either that or just keep the trelleborgs & michelins on it...
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