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Case IHC 955XL-1056XL - Baujahr 81-85 v1.0
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Case IHC 955XL-1056XL - Baujahr 81-85 v1.0

This is the Case 955 - 1056 from the C-family of the last LS part. The Case does not throw Warnings in the 19er and should therefore be Log Free. The mod runs with Real Dirt etc.

Conversion and all other changes for the 19er: GMaster

LS17 Mod Author: Flo0815

Shortly the dates:
- Configurable tires
- Configurable engine
- Configurable tank
- Configurable FL console
- Configurable front hydraulics
- 19s textures on the body, interior partially
- animated interior
- LS19 standard functions
- KAT3 console will come in time -

I say thank you to Flo0815 (author of the mod in the LS 17) for the release of the mod, all testers who have tested the mod and the team around PrivatPrivate.


  • Thierry.
    2019-04-17 20:49
    0 0
    Merci de revoir votre mods Ih 1056 . Erreur log......Pas ├ętonnant lorsque l'ont veux faire convertion en 17 vers 19 !!!!!pourtant j'ai flascher sur ce mod qui sur 17 me servait pour mes animaux...Cordialement...
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