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CASE Skid Steer Pack v1.0.0.0
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CASE Skid Steer Pack v1.0.0.0

Since 1969, CASE skid steers have been helping customers build stronger businesses and communities. Whether up against tough digging, loading, pushing, or grading, our skid steers deliver overall best-in-class performance and breakout force, complemented by spacious comfort and industry-leading visibility.

-SV280 Price $53,000
-TV370 Price $60,000

-Engine Configurations
- 74 HP
- 111 HP

-Animated door
-Paint options
-Design options
-Beacon light
-Window Tint
-175th Anniversary Edition

blauea|Deere116|76-Max/Tom|Swedish Bonna Team

  • Me


    2020-10-06 00:26
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  • Rg


    2020-10-07 18:22
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    Please make a power broom for this!
  • Dom
    2020-10-10 02:33
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    this is a very nice mod but I do wish a few things 1. this is just a re-skin I wish it performed an articulated more like that case construction series2. this mod has some good features but I do wish that it was able to be tied down but in my opinion, I wish more equipment and implements where but this is a really nicely done and thank you for making it
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