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Chevy C70 Deluxe Grain Tandem v1.0
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Chevy C70 Deluxe Grain Tandem v1.0

Sharing A Personal Edit Of The Chevy C70 Deluxe Tandem Grain Truck.
(A Special Thanks To Our Testers: Douglas Lezer, Josh Pearson, Ron Huth, And Zach Vires)
Re-Done The Fill Plane, Added Cab Lights, New Engine Choices, New Wheels,Added Support Chain Across The Inside Of The Bed, And Added Wooden Texture.

Capacity: 25000
Price: 10000
Category: trucks

Configurations: Brake Lights, Turn Lights, Base Color Configurations, And Choice Of Engines.

Clean Log!

FarmSimSteve, Caminokid, westmorgan, small American farming, Googleplex2010/(OKUSEDMODS&J&MFARMS;->Edits)

  • Bouncer
    2020-06-13 20:55
    1 1
    Not to shabby, the one thing that got my attention was suspension. Drives like a block of wood.
  • The real ones do too
    2020-06-13 22:56
    5 1
    Driving like a block of wood is how the real ones drive too.
  • Nahhhhhh
    2020-06-14 05:22
    1 0
    the real ones drive like ur on a cloud! tf u talking about
  • @the real ones too
    2020-06-14 16:57
    0 0
    They drive like a mix between a block of wood and jello, imo.
  • Joe


    2020-06-14 20:42
    0 0
    Why did you make the xml file read only? It is locked.
  • @nahhhhhh
    2020-06-15 00:09
    5 0
    You obviously have never driven one. The real ones drive like shit, ride like shit, and have a shitty turning radius.
  • Old 88
    2020-06-15 18:08
    3 1
    Worked for a parks and rec department one time. We called it old 88. You were in trouble with the boss if he made you drive it that day. Sitting at the gas station when my coworker started it after filling up, it was a freaking dragon shooting flames out 30 feet. Gave the attendant a heart attack! Driving to the dump one day to drop off branches, darn thing decided to give us problems, so we crawled there at 1 mph (20 mile trip), great waste of a day! Yes, they drive like a cement block! Thanks
  • Albertasimfarmer
    2020-06-17 00:15
    0 0
    does it have a rear trailer hook up...pintle or ball?
  • Tk customs
    2020-06-17 01:04
    0 0
    When I put this on my dedicated server, I found only 59 minor errors
  • @ @nahhhhhh
    2020-06-22 22:39
    0 0
    and you obviously haven't had any pussy because you don't know how it really feels. it's like playing with yourself, it's never as good as the real thing AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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