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Chevy C70 Log Truck v1.0.0.0
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Chevy C70 Log Truck v1.0.0.0

I wanted an older single axle truck for little jobs, This is what i came up with.
This is my first mod ive done and released. It is error free, You can fit 3m Logs
but i recommend 4m or 5m.
Hope you find it useful.

I take no credit for original c70 truck, Only what i did
Credits for this edit;
Mountain State Modding (BOBCAT)
for the log bed and cleaning up the file and fixing a few problems
Expendables Modding
for the parts used
Acme Acres

I also wanna say thank you to all the modders who originally created this truck
the list has a few, Thank You

  • Poorboy
    2020-02-17 09:34 Send message
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    im in the process of adding pics
  • Ls09god
    2020-02-17 12:01 Send message
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    No I3d mapping in the vehicle xml file? This is where the mods brake the game. Bad ports....
    • Poorboy
      2020-02-17 12:55 Send message
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      your the first person to say anything
  • Poorboy
    2020-02-17 13:01 Send message
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    i just downloaded this from here and i have no issues.
  • @poorboy
    2020-02-17 15:29
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    you may have no issues, but other people can because their system is different. i assume you knew that?
  • Acmeacres1
    2020-02-17 23:03 Send message
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    When he says he has no issues, that is with stock in game mods and maps. That is how testing is done, without outside mods. To be compatible with every mod is impossible. So when he says its error free, then the rest depends on what mods you add.
  • Name
    2020-02-19 02:48
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    this mod isnt working on my PC
  • Poorboy
    2020-02-19 05:38
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    if it isnt working you've got another problem, i play with 220 mods in my folder and have never had an issue. this was sent to a top modder and gone over. i know its right
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