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Christmas Tree By DonPaul v1.1
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Christmas Tree By DonPaul v1.1

Placeables Christmas Tree with Light and Sound for Farming simulator 2019
1.1. Some people do not see the tree, I hope it will be better


  • Hubcap
    2018-12-16 21:34 Send message
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    Valiant attempt my friend. The tree is visible and music plays....no problem. However for some reason this mod is disabling "Opening the dialogue box ( R )" to repair vehicles. Took it out and everything returned to normal. Back to the drawing board.
  • Donpaul75
    2018-12-17 22:35 Send message
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    Hi, i can not replicate the problem, even without a tree is the first vehicle service active, until after the restarte of the game. It looks like the bug is right in the game.
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