Farming simulator 2019 mods
Chuckles 6.0 Powerstroke v2.0
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Chuckles 6.0 Powerstroke v2.0

All errors fixed
Added Real 6.0 sound
Added Exhaust Config

Chuckles YouTube

  • @name
    2020-09-29 02:33
    0 9
    Thanks i really appreciate that. Its on mod network i get paid there.
  • Guest
    2020-09-29 06:55
    8 3
    a 6.0? fuckin junk
  • The full monty
    2020-09-29 10:31
    8 1
    297Mb? really, ...and the graphics are suspiciously FS15 looking, hmmm will I be downloading this, NO.
  • Farming sim not trucking sim
    2020-09-29 14:30
    9 3
    This is a farming simulator and not a pickup truck simulator"There are way to much pickups in this game and i dont know why the american community loves this type of mods.
  • Fuk u
    2020-09-29 15:43
    0 7
    try to mod pussy
  • 0 7
    if you dont like it dont download it
  • Shut up yankees
    2020-09-29 17:14
    6 1
    @FUK U @@GUEST @FUK U @THE FULL MONTY I dont use this mods but i can say what i am thinking. If you want drive your fucking pickup trucks then go to GTA and not to a game wich is about farming.
  • Grab by the pussy
    2020-09-29 17:20
    5 0
    The only pussy wich i see is @FUK U cause he hates the opinion by a other user LOL!
  • The full monty
    2020-09-29 18:51
    0 1
    @ (@GUEST @FUK U @THE FULL MONTY), I don't like it and because of that I did NOT download it, if there is anything about that that you have a problem with, then it is exactly that, your problem.
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