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CIMC Trailer Pack v1.1
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CIMC Trailer Pack v1.1

Updated EAL to global script
Fixed collision so trailers wont catch anymore
Added support for Hesston Bales and Wool pallets
Still no luck with lumber pallets as there are so many different one

Included is a A-Trailer, B-Trailer and a Dropdeck/Stepdeck

3 different deck colours - Red, Gray and White
Front and Rear gates - Ramps for Dropdeck
A-Trailer has extendable ramps to make loading easier
and also has movable turntable/kingpin
10 stud and Spider wheel options
Colour selectable Tray and Frame
All trailers feature alfalfa6945's EasyAutoLoad but not all options are mapped to trailers, following loads are mapped
Large Square Bales
1.3 Round Bales
1.8 Round Bales
Cotton Modules
JD Cotton Bales (Giants ones)
Mission Pallets
Hesston Bales

Zip includes the trailers and EAL global mod both need to be enabled it mod menu for them to work, so unzip file first and add both mods to mod folder
P.S if there any interest in the ramp ill release that too.

JFL Modding, Alfalfa6945 for his EasyAutoLoad Script

  • Name
    2019-09-20 13:25
    1 0
    I really want to see that map!!
  • Jock mcgrath
    2019-09-20 13:40
    1 0
    make a aussie map like tj & bk modding or ask them to release that map
    • Jflmodding
      2019-09-20 14:11 Send message
      1 0
      I'm a modder not a mapper so will never happen and tj & bk modding arnt working on a map
  • Animal tvi
    2019-09-20 15:09
    1 0
    nice mod thanks. which truck mod is that please.
    • Jflmodding
      2019-09-20 15:25 Send message
      2 0
      its a kenworth t408 but its private atm
  • @jfl
    2019-09-20 16:15
    3 0
    Nice trailers, and yes i am interested in the ramp, looks good
  • Roman
    2019-09-21 02:42
    0 0
    Hi, I would be interested in that ramp. Thank you very much.
  • Nick
    2019-09-21 05:33
    0 0
    Keep up the good work!
  • Daniel
    2019-09-21 10:42
    2 1
    autoload its not working its a great mod
  • Doesnt work
    2019-09-21 19:30
    2 0
    So I downloaded the pack, unzipped it and put the easy autoload and cimc trailers in the mods folders, restarted the game, I enabled the easy autoload, that works but the trailers wont show up if i try to enable them for a savegame , if i go on the modhub and look into my downloaded mods it shows up, but if i try to enable it, it doesnt work
    • Jflmodding
      2019-09-24 12:20 Send message
      0 0
      this version of the trailers only support English but I've up dated the ones on my Facebook page to support German
  • Doesnt work
    2019-09-21 19:34
    0 0
    anybody have a answer
  • Name
    2019-09-21 21:50
    0 0
    is a god mod end texture is realy
  • Outback boy
    2019-09-22 00:17
    0 0
    nice trailers you should put out one of your kenworths with multiple bull bars, make a land cruiser with a sw platt or boomer bull bar with dual arials and dual exhausts pipes and tuned and normal engine but my point is just make the cruiser as Aussie as you can and can you also make a macdon pw8 and a john Deere swather for fs19 and maybe a macdon header to fit the swather thanks and you Aussie mods always make me smile i love it keep up the good work
    • Jflmodding
      2019-09-22 06:27 Send message
      0 0
      don't do mod requests i only make what i want in game
  • Daniel
    2019-09-22 10:03
    0 0
    the mod is working i find the auto load.meby can you make it whit the street wheels and more wheels for in the field.great mod thank you for it making
    • Jflmodding
      2019-09-22 14:25 Send message
      0 0
      it does have street wheel remember this is an Australian mod
  • Thomas
    2019-09-22 16:45
    0 0
    your mod is causing conflict with the game works fine with the other trailers that you had but with the eal there is issues test your mods out first before release
    • Jflmodding
      2019-09-23 07:36 Send message
      0 0
      i had 10 different people test out my mods and none of them had a issue
  • Thomas
    2019-09-23 16:41
    0 0
    probably cause they are n beta and not the actual version of 1.4 just like this take your mod and the itrunner pack from gaming edition or even in game ones and test it out yourself it will not load
    • Jflmodding
      2019-09-24 12:18 Send message
      0 0
      if there is a issue with the mod message my facebook page and ill try to see what the problem is
  • Hulken
    2019-09-30 14:42 Send message
    0 0
    hallo jflmodding ich habe die trailers herrunter geladen und in meine mode eingefĆ¼gt aber im shop sind die nicht sicht bar
  • Jd-6930
    2019-09-30 19:46
    0 0
    the Trailers are not show in the game, only in the modhub.
  • Me


    2019-10-09 09:09
    0 0
    you lucky duck JFL Modding it's cool that you can make your own or edit-modify mods to suit darn lucky oh man wish I could do that
  • Brods 19
    2019-10-27 12:51
    0 0
    hey can i have the link to the truck
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