Farming simulator 2019 mods
CJ trailer => pack 1 <= TFSGROUP v1.0
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CJ trailer => pack 1 <= TFSGROUP v1.0

Nous vous proposons se pack de 3 nouveaux floquages, que vous modifiez directement au magasin.
Avec se pack n° 1 vous disposez des remorques visibles sur les images.
De nombreux autres pack sont en préparations.

Mod: Winston9897
fs19: Brandon3art
Reskined By TFSGROUP

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    2020-07-29 15:37
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    TFSG has never created a single mod of its own. NEVER. They take other mods and switch to their skins, name other authors who have nothing to do with those mods or edit them, and call them theirs. TFSG is a scam. Liars. Every time you download something from TFSG, you are promoting the theft of work from other modders. Worse yet, they get PAID BY YOU every time you retrieve their stolen trash.TFSGROUP
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