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C&J Tilt Deck Trailer v1.0
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C&J Tilt Deck Trailer v1.0

C&J Tilt Deck Trailer for Farming simulator 19
Disclaimer: This is a beta version and is not in no way the finally version!

The Wolf - Modeling, N&B, Flares, Texturing
DODGE charger - Wheels & Tires
Duramax_Nation - Fixed Weight

Coversion and Model Edits:
C&J Mods - FS19 Convertion, Static Lights, New Wheels & Tires, New Light Deck, Attacher for Warn Winch By Exley

Unlimited Modding II

Discord: discord.gg/u38rJ3Q

It works NOT MY MOD

  • Guest
    2019-07-16 23:49
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    Put a bumper pull hitch option with a winch and this mod would be perfect.
  • Chaser
    2019-07-18 21:43 Send message
    0 2
    I would do this but, the ramp sticks out past the frame and you would not be able to get to it!
  • Prax
    2019-08-10 02:16
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    Nice job, this was a favorite of mine from fs17. Only issue i see is the wheel radius is goofed up. They dont visible touch the ground, looks like the wheels are floating.
  • Jacob
    2020-02-03 01:15
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    can you make a big map like combining maps together to make a 8x map i was wanting to become a modder but i don't know how can we be friends
  • Awesome
    2020-02-15 23:28
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    amazing mod start making more the more the better
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