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Claas Jaguar 960 TT-HKL v1.0.1
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Claas Jaguar 960 TT-HKL v1.0.1

The Jaguar960 was converted by a Dutch contractor (Hartog).
It has an articulated steering + hook lift for containers.

Before turning, you should deactivate crab steering. The articulated steering is blocked.
A configurable Orbis600 is included in the package.
The chopper is compatible with the standard bits + Claas DLC. BUT: Since the Claas is a conversion, the standard bits are NOT 100% perfect.
The Orbis600 comes in a package for this.
He is NOT helper friendly. The helper drives as if he had 2 per thousand intus ....
Before you park the chopper in the hall, you MUST park the container, otherwise the jaguar will slide / jump through the hall like a figure skater ...
(IT runner problem)
This is a preliminary version and not yet 100% finished!

Technical specifications:
- 12m long
- 15.5t weight
- 884PS
- 43km / h top speed
- IC control
- Crab steering
- color choice
- 20 different types of tape drives
- twelve million other configuration options

- ThreshingFlowIndicator by "da-Hoffi"
- extendedMaterialConfiguration.lua by "Modelleicher"
- MB3D Modding
- AddConfig.lua by "Ifko[nator]"

  • Bert
    2020-11-30 14:26
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    Great job, i has follow you on twitch.
  • Add new container type
    2020-11-30 19:42
    1 0
    If you add the new "Lizard Auger Master v1.0.0.0" as a HKL container, then you would have something. http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2019-mods/lizard-auger-master-v1-0-0-0/
  • Meiseli
    2020-12-01 12:25
    2 0
    Guten Tag würden Sie bitte in den Credits den Namen vom Modder erwähnen wenn Sie schon den Mod hier hochladen !!! ich bin der Moderator vom Modder (Lunchbox85)Freundliche GrüsseMeiseli
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