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CLAAS Lexion 5300-8900 Full Lexion Series 2020 v1.0
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CLAAS Lexion 5300-8900 Full Lexion Series 2020 v1.0

- standard function fs19
- Configuration model 5300-8900 313hp-790hp
- Animation of a radial spreader
- New Wheels configuration and crawler
- New configuration of grain tanks integrated with the combine model
- Numbers configuration
- Triangle Warning
- Pipe configuration
- Depending on the model used in the tank, you must manually adjust the shape of the crop in the tank. It is in the configuration
- Color configuration
- Capacity configuration
- Price 230500
- 40km/h
- New dirty

Giants Software, Agrar

  • Monster25x
    2020-10-19 10:27
    19 0
    donjuan69(nick z modbase) złodzieju masz zgodę na wydanie editu modu z płatnego dodatku DLC? Wątpie w to złodzieju... Trzeba napisać do Giantsa, ciekawo co oni na to :P
  • Crap
    2020-10-19 14:56
    16 0
    It is a poorly cracked version of the Claas DLC with all warnings and errors you can imagine. Pure shit.
  • Myro777
    2020-11-10 20:01
    4 0
    Agrar tank to be corrected and it's good that with 8900 it should be as it should and lights need to be added to the tube because they do not shine but overall it's cool, we are waiting for an update. Regards
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