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Claas Lexion 700 100th Anniversary (*UNREALISTIC*) v1.0
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Claas Lexion 700 100th Anniversary (*UNREALISTIC*) v1.0

PLEASE REMEMBER: I am NOT the creator of this mod. All I did is edit the original mod (check it out) to my desire. Thank you and have fun with it! If the 'link-to-text' does not work, I will be putting the link to the original mod in the comments of this post.

DISCLAIMER: If you do not like unrealistic mods, this mod may not be suitable for you. Otherwise, have fun being unrealistic!

Changelog v1.0
- Added 'Velocity DK' to authors (kept original authors)
- Modified power of Lexion combine to 1'000 HP
- Modified maximum speed (forward) of Lexion combine to 50 MPH/KPH
- Modified maximum speed (backward) of Lexion combine to 25 MPH/KPH
- Reduced price of Lexion combine from 398'000 to 250'000 (Just to add more "unrealalisticity")
- Modified working width of the 'Conspeed 8 75 FC' header to 25 meters
- Modified working width of the 'Diamant HS12' header to 100 meters
- Modified working width of the 'Vario 750' header to 45 meters
- Modified working width of the 'Vario 900' header to 80 meters
- Modified working width of the 'Vario 1050' header to 150 meters
- Modified working width of the 'Vario 1230' header to 200 meters
- Modified fuel usage for Lexion combine to 1.0 liter per hour
- Modified DEF usage for Lexion combine to 0.1
- Modified Lexion combine capacity to 10'000'000 liters
- Modified Lexion combine fuel capacity to 100'000 liters
- Modified Lexion combine DEF capacity to 100'000 liters

Original creator: Vegueta
Conversion for FS19: Winston9587
Unrealistic version: Velocity DK

  • P3g4susuout
    2019-11-08 21:45
    1 3
    Nice :~) Will be having a go or 2 in this. I use these ones for other farmers fields and use the "proper" ones for mine so I still have to do the work ;~)
  • God
    2019-11-08 21:47
    0 3
    O M G Dosent work combine only goes 3MPH Headers are all the same width What the hell do selections 1 to 10 do ? Could be realy cool like the ones in FS 17 if that's what you want 17 works dam good Keep trying
  • @god
    2019-11-08 22:27
    0 1
    Please show me in the video where the combine is only going 3mph...
  • God
    2019-11-08 23:00
    0 1
    Im only telling you what its doing for me If you can tell me why I would realy like that Thanks
  • Greybeard
    2019-11-09 01:20 Send message
    0 1
    really nice looking set but it doesn't work with tacks wont move or 4 mph while cutting .you need more work on it but nice try
  • Frank furter
    2019-11-09 03:29
    0 0
    Works for me, I skate across the fields I give this mod two farms up!
  • Co


    2019-11-09 04:25
    0 0
    not work
  • Shitt
    2019-11-09 05:10
    0 2
    Nice! Shit!Schoolboy have fun.Ugly.
  • Paul
    2019-11-09 05:10
    1 0
    mod is so good, only the speed is only 6 to 8 kmh not faster and the specified cutter width does not work synonymous. if it is possible please fix the errors
  • Frank furter
    2019-11-09 05:58
    0 0
    Just tried the headers and they don't cut to the advertised swath. I used them on Canadian Farm map. I guess the headers are realistic.
  • Sues
    2019-11-09 10:47
    0 0
    great fun mod it looks and works great thank you so much
  • Sparty
    2019-11-09 15:22
    0 0
    The corn/sunflower header is not working,the grain header is working like a champ.I have tried use the corn headers on a few different maps and still no go,but I like this mod very much saves me lot of time...
  • Bobroy minnesota farmer
    2019-11-09 15:53
    0 0
    Ok I guess it on my end Sorry I will try to find out what the H is wrong Have a great weekend
  • Soil hog
    2019-11-09 16:35
    0 0
    Hey bobroy I got the same problem 3MPH and headers do not work This mod could be great But it needs repair !
  • Slow farmer
    2019-11-09 21:50
    2 0
    Sues can I have some of the drugs you are on ! Mod is not working right at all OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bobroy
    2019-11-10 00:11
    0 0
    I could not get the combine to the field in lone oak, less than 2mph most of the way, looks great though
  • Sues
    2019-11-10 10:44
    1 0
    a big sorry to you all and the modder my son was on the game at the time it look good he just got out of bed he say yes it will not move on the tracks and on wheels it will only go at 3 to 4 mph plez forgive me yes i have tested myself he is right so sorry like you all say it dos look good
  • Sues
    2019-11-10 10:50
    0 0
    yes slow farmer you can have some of what i am on if you are a middle age lady he he he one more time i am so sorry
  • Slow farmer
    2019-11-10 16:21
    1 0
    Sues Hey I was just kidding Have a great weekend YA !
  • Nuszika
    2019-11-11 01:38
    0 0
    not working bad
  • Bill
    2019-11-13 04:01
    0 1
    I lowered the def and fuel limit and drives normal speed, maybe for your next update
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