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Claas Lexion 780 Full Pack v2.0
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Claas Lexion 780 Full Pack v2.0

Changes in Version V2.0:
- Added Configuration Terra Trac wheels
- New model attacher header for Combine Harvester
- Added numbers configurations
- Added Claas logo configuration
- New driving physics
- Added animated hydraulic for attacher header Combine Harvester
- Fixed color texture
- Fixed errors in the log

Mod Features:
*Real color textures
*Full Washable
*Wearable (used mod/used textures)
*Repairing mod
*Logo configurations:Agravis and Fricke
*Movable rear axle
*2 types Tires(Trelleborg and Michelin) with new rims
*Many moving works parts
*Folding Grain Tank
*Working lights, turn signals, brake lights
*Amortivating seat
*Speedometer and tachometer
*Dust, tire tracks
*Working Particle System
*Many other animations…

In pack:
Claas Lexion 780
Claas Vario 1200
Claas Cutter Trailer

* Please keep the original link!(Don’t upload this mod on other hosts!)
* Please appreciate my work and please do not spend edit of this version mod.
* You can add mod on other forums but copy the whole post.

Vasilisvasilis31, MarioRoss

  • Wiibroe
    2018-12-14 10:28 Send message
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    can you remove the flags they do not decorate on it, otherwise well-made
  • Wiibroe
    2018-12-14 10:35 Send message
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    sorry yes you can
  • Encibenci
    2018-12-14 14:45 Send message
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    can you make a tractor for two people to ride together in mp
  • Name
    2018-12-14 16:03 Send message
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    will there be an ic control to open doors
  • Name
    2018-12-14 21:41 Send message
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    should adjust the horsepower and capacity. also could you add in all the different wheel configurations along with the black/yellow version.
  • Michael
    2018-12-15 14:09 Send message
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    it is NOT Thom,as mod, the mod is made by Credits: Vasilisvasilis31,MarioRoss
  • Faelandaea
    2018-12-17 14:36 Send message
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    @Michael - The credits are listed in the credits tab on the mod. @Name - IC does not exist for FS19 yet. Trust me, I am eager for the IC script author to get one working in FS19, but we do not yet have IC for FS19 as of right now. @Uploader - thanks for uploading this here. Was nice to look at, but I'll have to stick with the Modding Welt versions I cobverted from FS17 until something better comes along. Still, though, thanks for uploading :)
  • Ps4


    2019-06-28 13:56
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    please add to ps4
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