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Claas Lexion 780 US v1.0.0.0
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Claas Lexion 780 US v1.0.0.0

Hello, I present you my Claas Lexion 780 US version for FS19 .
My mod has a new design, new features, configurations, new tires Michelin and many other improvements.

*Full Washable
*Animated Joystick
*Opening door
*Numbers configurations
*Movable rear axle
*Grain tank capacity: from 8000 to 25,000 liters (changes with extensions.)
*2 types Tires(Trelleborg and Michelin) with new rims
*Configuration Terra Trac wheels and Twin wheels
*Many moving works parts
*Folding Grain Tank
*Working lights, turn signals, brake lights
*Amortivating seat
*Animated hydraulic
*Speedometer and tachometer
*Dust, tire tracks
*Working Particle System
*Many other animations…

Keep the original download link (don't reupload on other hosts).

Vasilisvasilis31, Fendt94

  • God d
    2020-10-05 22:56
    1 17
    O M G Why didn't you make the grain tank smaller ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • Gringo
    2020-10-05 23:43
    3 20
    TFSGROUP is the best modder on the site. Him mods are the best. I love it
  • Recommended
    2020-10-06 03:10
    11 1
  • Lame af
    2020-10-06 03:50
    3 8
    25k grain capacity? No thanks, I don't like dildos in or around my mouth.
  • You may as well get it right
    2020-10-06 03:55
    0 18
    In the US the Claas colors are green, white and red not the old yellow puke color
  • Jdboy
    2020-10-06 05:46 Send message
    8 9
    They are the puke green, white, and red now, but I preferred the yellow and black personally. CLAAS green just looks hideous to me.
  • Stupid
    2020-10-06 08:05
    2 11
    To you may as well get it right claas is the green white red because thats the european colors coming over to america. The YELLOW AND BLACK colors is due to the LEXION portion of Claas and those colors have and always will be the true AMERICAN colors not european bullshit coming over to the fields!! So if you want to talk shit about colors you better learn the actual truth about what colors are what!! I guarantee your an european idiot
  • Look this
    2020-10-06 08:17
    8 4
    Where is In the US the Claas colors are green??? Look this https://abload.de/img/lexion780-730-stage9fkmz.jpg https://abload.de/img/2013-claas-lexion-780kcjjy.jpg Where is green colors the Claas??? this is funny trolls :D
  • What a bunch of mornos
    2020-10-06 09:44
    20 1
    I never saw such bullshit comments under a mod like here"Also the fact how some yankess complains here about european machines is a another sign how retarted this community can be. Seriously look forward to do something usefull instead herassing a country or trolling users.
  • Ermergerd kolors
    2020-10-06 10:29
    1 2
    Peoples personal opinions on the colors of combines is what is killing the Ag industry...............
  • Ohmy
    2020-10-06 15:40
    6 1
    Just to clarify for everyone. First of all this is not a new Lexion 8000 series which does carry the traditional colors starting this year. This particular Lexion model is yellow and black due to an agreement with Caterpillar to supply the engines for this model. Caterpillar no longer produces the engines for these machines so that is why it has gone to all Claas original colors world wide. Some of you need to do a little research before you start bitching. For you bitching about the grain tank
  • Ohmy
    2020-10-06 15:42
    1 1
    Even has CNH logo on it in the picture sheesh!
  • To the usa goons
    2020-10-06 16:10
    4 4
    The only reason the Lexion was yellow was due to a deal with Agco to sell them here. NOW Claas sold int he USA are green and white https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjPEkgtjmkQSame for the Tractors. It is not our fault if we make better equipment than america who sold out all of their manufacturing to chaina!!
  • Tractor23
    2020-10-06 21:17
    0 0
    est l'école maternel est fermer , ci vous la voulez vous la télécharger sinon vous la laissez pour le reste faite vos recherche sur la chose en silence chacun de votre côté et tirez en des conclusions chez vous par sur le cite , ici c'est sensé est la bonne humeur , merci pour le mod
  • 1 1
    ur an idiot green and white is the EU version and the black and gold is the US also the green is absolutly discusting compared to the yellow and black
  • To all the seppo's
    2020-10-07 00:29
    2 0
    Thank you for providing the rest of the world with so much entertainment in these difficult times.
  • Todd
    2020-10-07 02:55
    2 1
    I like popcorn
  • Csx68
    2020-10-07 20:58 Send message
    4 1
    We got Brits talking like they still got the failed empire, low IQ's and a perfect recipe to attract people like me, HI welcome to your wrong lets lets get over the fact that: Claas has had had green forever, but the US part was owned by CAT, which at the time owned Challenger, and the American market for Claas. Understand the yellow & black now, you bunch of arguing brats.
  • Dundee
    2020-10-08 14:44
    2 0
    I must fight the urge, but it's just so hard to not take the mick out of kids who are just ..so ...fucking ....retarded.
  • Obamaprism420
    2020-10-09 05:01
    1 0
    I like how CNH Modding's logo is still on the side, yet he's nowhere in the credits. Fuckin fail lmfao. Sorry excuse for a mod stealer, Probably Devo Media or Banks Editing.
  • Johnnyb
    2020-10-09 11:38
    11 2
    People sharing their mods, does this because of the passion for the game. People criticizing, and bad mouth the mods, should consider in getting a new hobby. It can be a sign that you are too emotional attached to a "Game". This is just a game people, If you like the mod, share it. If you have a suggestion, Suggest it. If you want to curse the "Modder", stay off the site. There is also women on this site, so keep your act together people. Respect other people's feelings.
  • @johnnyb
    2020-10-09 16:20
    1 1
    sexist much? "there is also women on this site"??? There are also CHILDREN on the site, simp.
  • @ @johnnyb
    2020-10-10 03:55
    0 0
    Nail on the head there. Why are we worried about women on here? We should be more worried about the children viewing this site, but then again, if you all have a problem with children viewing the language on here, then you shouldn't be letting your kids view this. You're just making it someone else's problem just as a cover up for your bad parenting.
  • Wulf
    2020-10-12 06:27
    0 0
    the link is a bunch of bullcrap that wants me to download a friggin installer to download a file that is smaller then my web browser uses in an hr please change the link to a modhub link so it can be trusted i only trust mods with links from modhub and maybe google drive but the sites that give me links to install stuff i DO NOT WANT i dont trust
  • 0 0
    oops i meant a cant figure out how to download this mod
  • Yo stupid
    2020-10-16 00:14
    0 0
    @you may as well get it [email protected] MAY AS WELL GET IT The tractors are green, the combines are yellow and black dumdum!!
  • @yo stupid
    2020-10-17 15:51
    0 0
    Go do some research first, then come back and make a comment, you will look less foolish.
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