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Confederate Flag v1.0.0
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Confederate Flag v1.0.0

(EN) Hi. Here is the requested Confederate Flag.
Multiplayer support added.

You will find this under placeables in Decoration after you have added this to your mod folder. If you are wanting your country flag added, Please leave comment below.
Enjoy, Cheers, Cazz64

Price: $50
Daily upkeep: $1
Brand: Lizard
Category: Decoration under Palceables
Authors: Cazz64, Giants

Hallo. Hier ist die angeforderte Flagge der Konföderierten.
Unterstützung für mehrere Spieler hinzugefügt.

Sie finden dieses unter Dekoration in Decoration, nachdem Sie es Ihrem Mod-Ordner hinzugefügt haben. Wenn Sie Ihre Landesflagge hinzufügen möchten, hinterlassen Sie bitte einen Kommentar.
Viel Spaß, Cheers, Cazz64

Preis: 50 $
Täglicher Unterhalt: 1 USD
Marke: Eidechse
Kategorie: Dekoration unter Paletten
Autoren: Cazz64, Giants

Cazz64, Giants

  • Lost
    2019-01-02 22:05 Send message
    0 4
    That flag should actually be white. Lost, bitch.
  • @lost
    2019-01-02 22:15 Send message
    3 0
    lost stop sounding like a sand nigger
  • @lost also
    2019-01-02 22:52 Send message
    0 0
    hahahaah yeah!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Alex2ruote
    2019-01-02 22:53 Send message
    0 3
    Of course, how could exist a farming game without rednecks? I wonder why I haven't seen trucks with gun racks and MAGA hats.
  • Sweet250
    2019-01-02 23:03 Send message
    0 6
    The Confederate Flag is a symbol of RACISM and HATE, and has no place in this game...
  • Name
    2019-01-02 23:22 Send message
    0 0
    Can you help me make a Chinese five-star red flag? Thank you.
  • Magats
    2019-01-02 23:30 Send message
    0 5
    MAGATS are pathetic dalit.
  • Isaac
    2019-01-02 23:50 Send message
    0 1
    can you please make a michigan flag?
  • Maga2020
    2019-01-03 00:17 Send message
    5 1
    Build that wall!
  • Lost
    2019-01-03 00:37 Send message
    7 0
    Here come the liberals crying! Life isn't fair, waaaaaaa, this flag hurts my vagina!
  • Faelandaea
    2019-01-03 00:55 Send message
    6 0
    It's just a flag. Those offended and hurt by this mod, just move on and don't download it. You kids cry "Racism" and "Hate" ... all while spewing out racism and hate. Hypocritical much? LOL That is exactly what has made me chuckle about human history. People contradict themselves so badly and use those contradictions to try to justify their own inner desires for violence and war. Have fun with that.
  • Dipshits
    2019-01-03 00:58 Send message
    3 0
    There's a lot more meaning and history to that flag than just racism, that's just what people pin to it. Learn your history folks. Same goes for the Swastika, people just attribute racism to shit.
  • @sweet250
    2019-01-03 01:06 Send message
    0 0
    have you always been this uneducated? keep puking out the stuff others tell you? rub your two brain cells together and form an opinion based on knowledge. otherwise, it just makes you look like an idiot. get informed, not indoctrinated.
  • Bubba
    2019-01-03 01:31 Send message
    5 0
    @idiots who think the flag represents hate and or racism, your a moron...The civil war was about a lot more than slavery, all though you brain dead idiots probably still think America started slavery... But since most libtards are all about giving up liberties and rights instead of trying to fight to keep them, your hatred of the flag does make scense.
  • Bubba
    2019-01-03 01:34 Send message
    4 0
    But just a short history lesson for you. Most of the black slaves were sold by black Africans, and not just to Americans. And Lincoln offered to keep slavery to end the war, yet we kept fighting. And Lincoln was racist. A quote from him below:
  • Bubba
    2019-01-03 01:35 Send message
    2 0
    "and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race." -Abraham Lincoln
  • Fid


    2019-01-03 03:42 Send message
    3 0
    It's just a flag nothing more nothing less liberals :P
  • Drakomis
    2019-01-03 03:57 Send message
    4 0
    Thanks for the flag! Saved before SJW's take it down.
  • Pathetic libtards
    2019-01-03 04:50 Send message
    4 0
    Of course, we have Pathetic Libtards pushing their Communist SJW's propaganda even on a FS game. You Libtards are hilarious. Keep the comedy materials coming!
  • Raven2971
    2019-01-03 07:28 Send message
    5 0
    if this flag offends you then you need to go back to school and relearn history simple as that
  • Raven2971
    2019-01-03 07:30 Send message
    4 0
    keep it flyin
  • Maga
    2019-01-03 18:52 Send message
    4 0
    Downloaded and upvoted, just for the libtard tears :) Grow a spine, some thicker skin, then maybe a braincell or two. Then, go read some books (they're like IPads, but made out of mulched trees and don't have Tumblr on them - they're awsome!)
  • Love_thy_neighor
    2019-01-04 02:04 Send message
    0 3
    All aboard the Trump Trainwreck.....sigh....Please don't feed the internet trolls.
  • Love_thy_neighbor
    2019-01-04 02:06 Send message
    1 0
    Missed the B in neighbor, oops.
  • Thank you!
    2019-01-04 06:04 Send message
    3 0
    So true that these days everyone thinks EVERYTHING is racist and are looking for an excuse! So tired of racist this and racist that BS! The Confederate flag is a part of history, NOT a symbol of racism. I grew up learning the real history, not what is told today. So glad I watched the Dukes of Hazzard when I did too. Great show that was not racist either, but I bet people would raise hell over it today. The world is just getting more stupid as time keeps ticking.
  • Love_thy_neighbor
    2019-01-04 06:47 Send message
    0 1
    As a kid, I watched and loved the Dukes of Hazzard too, but today the rebel flag is used by racists for racist reasons, thus it has become a symbol of racism. You may not see it that way, but many do and they are not wrong just because you don't see it the same way.
  • Csx68
    2019-01-04 08:50 Send message
    4 0
    We need some more redneck mods, like a deuce and a half with some gun turrets.
  • Csx68
    2019-01-04 08:51 Send message
    5 0
    and more history lessons as well.
  • Unknown
    2019-01-08 20:24 Send message
    5 0
    sweet250 you sir are a fucking idiot. the flag is not racist stop whining . don't like it don't download it ,
  • Bubba
    2019-01-16 08:32 Send message
    1 0
    Love_thy_neighborYes it has been used by some hate groups. But did you know the official flag of the KKK was the American flag, not the Confederate one?And WAY more people fly this flag for what it represents to them. The south and southern living. And not bowing down to oppression. Just because a few morons choose to use something badly or for bad reasons is no excuse to ban nor accept their meaning for it.
  • Jerry
    2019-02-13 04:37
    0 0
    could you please make a mississppi flag? thanks
  • Name
    2019-10-10 22:08
    0 0
    needs to be flied over the american flag
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