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Conow V9 v1.0.0.0
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Conow V9 v1.0.0.0

HW60/80 Conow "Variant"9
The Conow V9 are universal superstructures for chaff and grain. In this pack you have the possibility to configurate the chassis as the superstructures as Conow, Sieversdorfer and Lomma.

-HW60 DSK 120cm
-HW80 DSK 120cm
-HW80 DSK 160cm
-HW80 ZSK 160cm

*HW60 DSK 120cm: 12.000$
*HW80 DSK 120cm: 14.250$
*HW80 DSK 160cm: 16.500$
*HW80 ZSK 160cm: 17.600$
-Loading volume:
*HW60 120cm: 12400l
*HW80 120cm: 13600l
*HW80 160cm: 19600l

RedCat3D/Plugz, Lexik

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