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County Line Seasons FS19 v3.0.0.0
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County Line Seasons FS19 v3.0.0.0

Here it is, the long awaited Seasons update!

-Seasons Ready
-Farm buildings and animal husbandries have been removed so you can build your farm how you want.
-Precision Farming Ready
-MaizePlus Ready with all extensions thanks to The Alien Paul and the Farming Agency
-Added Anhydrous
-Increased fruit height types to 127
-Multi-Terrain Angle (32 angles)
-Added fruit types that work with MaizePlus
-Cornstalk and Soybean Bales by derelky, Michigun Gaming & Outdoors, 4MR Modding
-Alfalfa by Oxygen_David
-Clover by The Farming Agency Farming Agency (MaizePlus Ready)
-Added Dry Corn and Corn Dryer by JS Mapping (Must have Global Company for it to work)
-NEFG Modding (Custom Corn/Soybean Textures)
-Thanks to The Farming Agency for use of their custom vehicles (Mower Conditioner, Onion and Carrot equipment)
-Huge shoutout to the JS Mapping team for helping me out and answering my many questions!

Required: Corn Dryer

Please reference the Readme.txt in the .zip file to read on changes as well as gameplay information.
A Midwestern USA 4x map, originally created by blueweb for FS15 and FS17.
This is essentially a recreation of the FS17 Seasons edit by Broncfan03.

The map features:
- Two towns, Moore and Burksville
- Starter farm with lots of grain and equipment storage
- Several sell points and fill triggers
- 33 buyable crop fields, with sizes ranging from 13-200 acres
- Additional buyable grass pastures
- Animal farms with custom placeables
- Dedicated forestry area and sawmill
- Multi-terrain angle
- Functional contracts

American Eagles Modding

  • County line fun
    2021-01-08 14:54
    1 6
    Look Awsome i download and i try how its
  • Logan mace
    2021-01-08 15:47
    1 4
    Great ive had county line for a bit now and i love it cant wait to use this
  • Nowhere near good
    2021-01-08 17:07
    7 14
    This map is pretty bland. Yes, I get that some areas of the country are like this, but this is just poor, poor map development.
  • Name
    2021-01-08 18:20
    8 0
    wow, this map has suddenly gotten worse... i will stick to the previous update.
  • Wrangler
    2021-01-08 19:22 Send message
    0 5
    B.O.B. Lookaround - County Line - Farming Simulator 19 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqf2lszvfpo
  • Tom85g
    2021-01-09 00:42 Send message
    1 1
    I say the normal County line is lot better but is map is a joke but i know it be lot better .I really like the cow pasture in County Line let say cow pasture in normal County Line cow pasture make the cow pasture 3 times bigger and more open.
  • Yeeeeaaaahh
    2021-01-09 03:52
    0 2
    Now I'z got something to do until this virus is gone!
  • Vpjch
    2021-01-09 05:54
    0 0
    Does this map have it's own geo?
  • Thebesrome
    2021-01-09 11:04
    1 1
    sorry i think the new field are a good idea but i hate the new banks and ditches sorrygreat map apart from that
  • Coronavirus
    2021-01-10 02:56
    1 0
  • Dyma123
    2021-01-10 16:43
    2 0
    you are all trash!
  • Off


    2021-01-11 06:27
    0 0
    some of the field boundaries seen to be off, field 29 to start
  • Blu


    2021-01-12 04:04
    1 0
    why doesn't my version have buildings
  • Alexa bliss
    2021-01-13 03:23
    1 2
    HEY! Why can't every girl be more like Alexa Bliss. HEY! How can a chick on TV make me feel like this. She's got a finishing move called Twisted Bliss and it's like my heart is caught in a sleeper hold. Whoa-oh-oh. Why can't every girl be more like Alexa Bliss.
  • Name
    2021-01-14 14:24
    2 0
    hey bliss I think your on the wrong web site, and I realy think you need to talk with someone about this issue
  • Gb44
    2021-01-24 15:52
    0 0
    decent map but needs some finishing touches
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