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Courseplay 6 Editor OSM Converter for FS19 v1.0.4
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Courseplay 6 Editor OSM Converter for FS19 v1.0.4

With the Courseplay OSM Course Converter it is possible to edit already retracted courses afterwards!

Version 1.0.4
+ New Feature: Draw background image from MAP or Modmap ZIP files and save as .png
+ Better error descriptions and feedback
+ Error messages are now automatically copied to the clipboard
+ New feature: Background image can now be retrieved from map or saved as .png
+ Improved error messages and feedback
+ Errors are now automatically copied to clipboard

Since the operation is not quite trivial, we recommend URGENT,
to watch the linked video tutorial!
Current versions and a guide on Github: https://gada.link/courseyankee

The OSM Converter converts courses to the OSM format,
which are then edited in the free OSM editor,
and be converted back to use in the game.

Correction of existing courseplay courses in an editor by drag and drop
Change curves, remove waypoints, change speed
easy import and export of courseplay courses in the OSM format
Deposit the pda map for better orientation possible

Note: This solution must be "set up" once per map,
but it allows 1: 1 the functionality of previous editors,
but because of closed source not everybody likes to use it.

Have fun crafting, we look forward to feedback!

Script: Yankee
Tester: Gadarol

  • Alex2ruote
    2019-04-10 22:01 Send message
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    When I convert the edited OSM back it doesn't update the courseManager file, instead courseStorage0001.xml gets overwritten and a long list of errors shows in the log. The same happened with the previous version. I watched the video and I don't understand what I do wrong.
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