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Courseplay v6.02.00069
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Courseplay v6.02.00069

6.02.00069 MP, mode 4/6/9 impovements (#6202)
- mode 9 bunker unloading improvements
- mp bug fixes joining server, multitools and
- experimental wheel loader fix mode 9
- relase driver complettly setting (#6111)
- FoldAtEndSetting added

Fixed AutoDrive course loading bug and other course editor issues.
Initial release of the course editor.
Added course editor translation entries to non-english translation files.
Fixed AutoDrive course loading bug and others.

A save attempt is no longer attempted when using the save hotkey on an unsaved course.
You can no longer launch the editor on an autodrive course.
Fixed 'unable to load autodrive course' error.u
For best course loading performance, set the hud to not load courses at startup, especially if you have a lot o
large courses.
If you load a saved course and it looks like it has the wrong edits, then clear the course and click the reload
courses button, then load the course again.
Now when generated courses that have a zero speed show the speed as 'auto' in the waypoint info panel.
This tells you that courseplay will calculate the speed for that waypoint. If you change the speed with the
hotkeys, it will show the actual speed. Reduce the speed to zero again and it will show 'auto'.
Now dragging is done with the courseplay primary mouse button, instead of always button 1 which is the left mouse
button. If you change the courseplay primary mouse button mapping, you will need to restart the game for.


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    2020-10-19 19:12
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    feature removed yet?How about the "back spreader across map in terror" feature? That's a pain in the ass.Y'all have had two fucking years to simply replace the keybinds in a WORKING addon and all y'all have done is fuck shit up.Can't correctly change any speed settings because they're all the same. Some retard decided lower-late and lift-early were perfect and that smooth corners on square edge fields was exactly what "turn" meant.Stop fix
  • Name
    2020-10-27 00:50
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    do anyone know when courseplay gets the grain cart mod in it
  • Concerned farmer
    2020-10-28 07:21
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    can this be used in multiplayer??? more so on a dedi server?
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