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Cultiplow Platinum 8m By Stevie
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Cultiplow Platinum 8m By Stevie

FS19 Cultiplow Platinum 8m By Stevie

Ok this is my FS19 cultiplow and it ploughs and cultivates in one pass. Added colour choice to body and rims, added rear beacon light, faster operating speed and full plough field creation support. This is not suited for tight field spaces as the turning radius is 5m and if the AI can't make it they will do a wider reverse turn. Have fun with it.

Donation link: paypal.me/StevieFSMods


  • Ron


    2018-12-17 23:49
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    When I use this cultiplow to do a cultivating contract job, I get an error message "You don't have access to this land!". This message shows while I am on the field and off the field. I am getting the job done and also getting paid, so no problem there. When I use a different cultivator, I do not get the error message on the field.
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