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Deuce and a Half v1.0.0.0
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Deuce and a Half v1.0.0.0

Deuce and a Half fixed the tires thats just about it.

hugo josse, The Expendables, Patton_M47

  • Pattonm47
    2020-01-15 15:47 Send message
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    ps you can configure the wheels to single or dual!
  • Csx68
    2020-01-16 22:15 Send message
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    Yay a TRUE farm truck! :)
  • Irl farmer
    2020-01-17 21:36
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    I'd love to see a version or option without the bed so you can use it as a semi. Also love to see this with a grain bed to haul product. We had a couple Deuces on the farm for years until it became too expensive to fix now, sadly, they just sit as a piece of war and farm history.
    • Pattonm47
      2020-01-18 21:58 Send message
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  • Some guy
    2020-01-19 09:50
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    im surprised no one made a hemtt for this game there are so many options possible hooklifts sytems, flatbed, wrecker etc
    • Pattonm47
      2020-05-07 23:09 Send message
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      I think lambo is
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