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Deutz Fahr 9340 TTV Warrior v1.0
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Deutz Fahr 9340 TTV Warrior v1.0

I present you here another mod in the LS19.
If there are errors, just write me or report the error on our Ts! (
Tire color changeable.
PS specification: 9340 TTV Warrior = 336hp
9340 TTV Warrior Chip = 414PS
Max Speed 70km / h
Warrior Logo (Decal)
I wish you much fun with the mod!


  • Silver sky
    2019-03-09 00:02
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    BEWARE: This thing is riddled with warnings, and errors. Be a nice tractor if they were fixed, but until they are it is off to the recycle bin with it!!!!!!!!!!
  • @silver sky
    2019-03-09 04:48
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    Did you report the errors??
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