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Diesel Mod v1.1.0.0
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Diesel Mod v1.1.0.0

+ textures have been adjusted
+ the objects are now configurable as used (with oil patina *) or factory new (more expensive)
+ memory space was reduced by texture optimization
+ the moddescversion was adjusted for the update 1.4 to version 44, which should improve the performance a bit.

Isn't the diesel in your vehicle enough to reach your destination?
+ Diesel Canister - Capacity: 20
+ Diesel Barrel - Capacity: 250
+ Diesel Barrel - Capacity: 500

These are 3 objects, where the diesel stock of vehicles can be filled. The objects can be found in the category pallets at the machine dealer. If they are empty, they disappear automatically.

The canister can also be placed by hand on cargo beds of trailers and vehicles and fixed by means of a tension belt. So a transport of the diesel is possible, while the large barrels can not be raised.

* patina is a latin term meaning thin layer

Holger Sengstock

  • Petina
    2019-07-12 18:21
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    Ooooh! Now I understand. Yeah, "patina." At first I thought you said "petunia." No wonder I was confused. Silly me. I was all like "WTF? I don't see any flowers anywhere. What a jipp!" Now I get it. Thanks for clarifying.
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