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Display Date 4 Seasons Mod v1.0.0.5
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Display Date 4 Seasons Mod v1.0.0.5

Display Date 4 Seasons Mod

This Mod displays on hud the actual GEO season icon, date, and the drying potential info by Seasons Mod* ;)
Also you can display the list prices of all fruits with current price, trend price, best period
of selling and advised price (in according with Seasons Mod data).

*Required the Seasons Mod by 'Realismus Modding'

IMPORTANT: This Mod doesn't diplays the 'real life date', but the actual season date from Seasons Mod.

ALT-LEFT + L Change Date Format
ALT-LEFT + Z Show/Hide GEO Season icon
ALT-LEFT + N Show/Hide Drying potential
ALT-LEFT + M Show/Hide List Prices (Current/Advised)
ALT-LEFT + ARROWS to move on screen the List Prices
ALT-LEFT + KEYPAD +/- to Increase/Decrease List Prices

Change Log:
bug stats best period/adv price fixed
added Show/Hide GEO season icon

very important improvements
replaced Sessions layout with Display Date layout
ability to select various date formats
added Show/Hide Drying potential
added List Prices (Current/Advised)

minor translation bugs fixed


  • Caamo
    2019-09-12 18:07
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    Multiplayer doesn't work if using this version...
    • D3r1l
      2019-09-13 11:30 Send message
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      log file pls
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