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Display For Tool Position v1.0.0.0
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Display For Tool Position v1.0.0.0

This is the successor of the Frontloader Display from LS17.
With this script you can display the position (height and angle) of tools in relation to the vehicle. Not only all of the front loader, telescopic loader and wheel loader tools are supported, also tools with three-point hitch, such as levelers and treesaws.

When the script is loaded, the height and the angle of the currently selected tool will displayed on bottom in the middle.
With [Right Ctrl + J] you can set the height to zero, with [Right Ctrl + N] the angle. In LS19 is this special important, since due to the different wheel configurations and the compression of the vehicle the zero position is variable. This settings are individually depending on the tool.
With [Right Ctrl + Numpad Plus] or [Right Ctrl + Numpad Minus] the font size is changable. This is a global setting.

Currently these values are not saved at the end of a game or synchronized in a multiplayer game, this is a goal for me for a feature version.


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