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Diverse Tutorials - XML Modding and more v1.0
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Diverse Tutorials - XML Modding and more v1.0

This is a PDF file which contains various tutorials on 5 pages.

Here is a list of the current content:
editing program
Edit money and credit
Install mods
XML Modding
Edit field owner
Remove placeable objects by file editing
Edit silo stalls
Change or remove owners of vehicles

There will be added depending on demand, other tutorials, writes to you like your wishes by PM to me or in the comment section. Questions about the tutorials can also be found in the comments section, and I will try to answer them as best I can.

Erstellen der Tutorials: luca1197

  • Ssgtpappy
    2019-07-21 14:40
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    it would be great if this was translated to English so those of us that doesn't speak your language could read and understand it!
  • Editting xml ingame.
    2019-07-21 19:46
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    while watching a vehicle/whattever, in the game store, you can edit values in xml and save. wish then updates in the store, by changing some option and then reselecting it (ingame store). adding lines in xml, your probably gonna need a game restart. found this out later myself. saves alot of time, if your doing wheel placement or any other value changing like that, hf.
  • Name
    2019-07-21 20:03
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    Who's the moron that posted this, if its going to be in German, then you should make the post in "German" so people know what language the document is in. Not waste my time for I document I can't read.
  • To name
    2019-07-22 03:48
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    Notice this mod was posted by "Thomas"? That's a bot. It finds mods on other sites then shares them here. Chances are it was posted originally on a German site. Talk to the bot some more and see what good it does. lol
  • Name
    2019-07-22 06:58
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    You think the bot actually translated German to exact English? Someone is running the bot, be it the admin or someone else, end responsibility falls on the admin, they have "total" control of their own site.
  • Dctoe
    2019-07-25 17:55
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    I can say that they are probably things that we already know. But I will translate them, and if any of the information is useful, I will post them here as a translation. 50/50 Chance. :)
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