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Dodge MegCab Cummins v1.0
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Dodge MegCab Cummins v1.0

Dodge mega cab cummins. It is my friends model i just made my own edit of it. This is my friends model i just did my own edit to it.
Power: 320
Maximum Speed: 121
Price: 25000
Brand: Dodge
Category: Cars


  • Name
    2019-02-17 22:28
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    modhub link is just a oicture
  • Graytomcat
    2019-02-19 01:53
    0 1
    It's a nice ram but it needs better tires and wheels like off road wheels and needs to be lifted. the horn doesn't work and can't fill the truck with fuel.
  • Bradon
    2019-03-11 00:18
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    I love it thankyou for this mod it is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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