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Dodge ram 3500 v1.0
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Dodge ram 3500 v1.0

Hey i have added in minute mount plow attachment, so now you have the opition to have a plow on or no plow. I have add more colors to the main body and also to the design.

Special thanks to

Blueweb allowing me to release this edit

Iconikupgrades for showing me how to add colors in and letting me use his custom colors for this mod!

Nathan Hately- scripting and getting minute mount to work in-game! Teddy Andreniuk- scripting and Xml overhaul!

  • Tazmanmods
    2019-08-09 08:34 Send message
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    Please don't download the 2019-08-08_3zip but if you its a picture of the truck first time uploading on here my bad all!
  • Name
    2019-08-09 19:58
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    where can i get the actual link?
  • Jack
    2019-08-10 14:59
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    and where can we get the plow
  • Name
    2019-09-04 18:21
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    Why don't the hitch work?
  • Tony
    2019-10-16 03:46
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    Hitch don't work
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