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Doepker Legacy Super B-Train v1.0
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Doepker Legacy Super B-Train v1.0

Doepker Legacy Super B-Train Grain Trailers.

Body Color Configurations(Can be color matched to all of trucks I've released)
Tarp Colors
Fenders: Rounded Fenders, Black, Stainless, and Chrome. Or the diamond plated fenders.
Wheels: Alcoa or Steel Wheels, can be color configured as well.
Custom dirt and wear maps
Connection hoses.
Optional body Logo.
Fixed: Texture errors, wheel chock placement, misspelling of Doepker.

Credits: Whiskey Sierra Modding, Retro Mods, Half Assed Modding, GMYK Emergency Vehicle Outfitters. A huge shoutout to my testers as well for making this mod so much better!

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Whiskey Sierra Modding

  • Ganoush
    2020-12-02 00:05 Send message
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    A capacity listing would have been nice...
    • Wayne89
      2020-12-02 01:01 Send message
      3 2
      Its the same as a real one
  • Constructive comment
    2020-12-02 04:05
    0 0
    The fill plane, would require a lil bit more work...it as quite a large between both front and rear tank and the plane itself when its fill completly... looking weird.Otherwise great mod, finally a set of those that work nicely.Thanks for sharing.Greeting from Reapers Mods ;-)
    • Wayne89
      2020-12-02 04:06 Send message
      3 0
      Thanks for the critique man Ill admit I used the fill trigger from the Pacesetter thinking it would be ok but Ill fix it in a future update since youre not the only one to bring that up since I released it
  • Load capacity varies
    2020-12-02 05:56
    1 1
    from legal region to legal region
    • Wayne89
      2020-12-02 06:47 Send message
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      Im not Canadian so I just put what Doepkers brochure said We run Tiemptes and the Vanilla Wilsons here in the Virginia and Tennessee mountains I saw this Turbosquid model and thought it looked cool and my Patrons loved it so here it is
  • And is it really that hard
    2020-12-02 18:48
    1 1
    to just say what the capacities are for the trailers? Not everyone has a Doepkers brochure in front of them.
    • Wayne89
      2020-12-03 01:15 Send message
      3 1
      Dear god just look at the capacity in the fucking store of all the shit to whine about seriously
  • Trouble
    2020-12-02 23:02
    0 0
    hey my compliment one the trailers, only problem i got is, i cant seem to buy it. its in the game it shows on the store menu to buy it but nothing happens. any ideas why?
    • Wayne89
      2020-12-03 01:21 Send message
      1 0
      You have a mod conflict it sounds like Ive had a lot of people test it and they didnt have that issue try taking all the mods out but that one
  • Why are you being so
    2020-12-03 04:28
    0 2
    defensive / secretive about what the capacities are? It's just a simple answer after all. I shouldn't have to download and install the mod just to find out when you, the mod author, can just tell me that bit of information much easier.
    • Wayne89
      2020-12-04 22:40 Send message
      0 0
      Not being defensive it just never fails I post something here and someone has something to say about it Download the mod or dont Jesus
  • Trouble
    2020-12-03 05:13
    1 0
    you were right wayne89, ive got a mod called used equipment and thats the one it was conflicting with
  • Ricobab
    2020-12-03 13:09 Send message
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    @WHY ARE YOU BEING SO : 2 seconds with Google : Lead Approx 1440 Cu Ft / Rear Approx 1575 Cu Ft
  • Jdboy
    2020-12-05 00:46 Send message
    0 0
    ^^ That would be (assuming Ricobab has the right model of trailer) 40,776L for the lead, 44, 599L for the rear making a total of roughly 85,375L for the entire unit.I was also hoping there was something listing the capacity for sake of saving time downloading. I'm looking for large but realistic capacity and have deleted far more mods after wasting time downloading them than I would have liked. Thanks for posting.
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