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Drake TiltnSlide v1.0
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Drake TiltnSlide v1.0

Drake Tilt n Slide by CUSTOM AUSSIE MODS
Origally made for ATS and ETS2
Now for FS19


  • Me


    2019-07-13 02:33
    4 0
    it operates way to fast
  • Me2


    2019-07-13 03:55
    4 0
    it glitches out when u put a car on it and operates way to fast
  • Lost
    2019-07-13 05:53
    3 5
    Works fine, Don't work to fast from me, works the way this type of trailer should in game, for what it is its perfectly working
  • Found
    2019-07-15 02:24
    1 0
    lost your pc must be very old because it is way too fast and yhe physics need work other then that great mod
  • Lost
    2019-07-16 12:10
    0 0
    Found, not sure what you use but it works fine, and i run the latest comp on the market as in high end gear, edit your controller if its to fast for you, ive seen fast working trailer ramps etc before and this is not one of them, just saying
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