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Draper with Ziegler side cutter v1.0.1
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Draper with Ziegler side cutter v1.0.1

Cutter with ziegler side knifes for canola.

Version 1.0.1
- Added new script version (Da-hoffi)
- Added a new 9 meters cutter unit
CAUTION: You have to unzip the rar file and put the contents in mods folder

- This header has configuration for canola cutting.
If the side knives is not configured and the threshed grain is canola then you have 10% yield loss.
If you try to harvest another grain with the knives on, the cutter wants to stop and you have to go to the repair station to change the configuration.
Different configurations are possible at the shop or at any repair station.
- Color and brand configurations


  • Black face
    2019-09-22 19:59
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  • @shit face
    2019-09-23 00:02
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    Can you do better?
  • @shit face
    2019-09-23 20:57
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    Soooo... If a guy can't do better that somehow makes this mod not shitty? A shitty mod is a shitty mod and this mod is plenty shitty.
  • @all faces
    2019-09-23 21:58
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    Show some respect.This guy make this mod shitty or not and he shared with anyone included those who negatively judge him. So yes i agree with the guy that ask you is you can do it better.And i ask you too.Can you do it by yourself ,at least as ''shitty'' as that? If you can ,good for you. If you can't ,probably you are such an idiot than can't make either a shitty mod.
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