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DynamicHoses for SattleTrucks v1.0
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DynamicHoses for SattleTrucks v1.0

Modding Tool for LS17 For real semi-trailers, the hydraulic, air pressure u. Electric hoses after uncoupling on towing vehicle, not on semi-trailer. I realized this with this modding tool.
Why this ModTool?
In real semi-trailers remain the hydraulic, air pressure u. Electric hoses after uncoupling on the towing vehicle, not on the trailer, as with trailers and equipment.
I realized this with this modding tool.
Simply the other way! DynHoses in the Truck - DynHosesRef in the trailer ... Not indicated!
That's not what the Xentro scripts will do!
That's why I created "DynHosesTrailer" for semi-trailers, which only become visible after coupling (TG "DynHoses_detached" is empty, with empty UnterTGs)
For trucks I created "Tank with DynHosesRef". The tank contains the refs and suspensions for the "DynHoses_detached".
The "DynHoses_detached" are loaded via the VehicleXML, are invisible in the coupled state, visible in the uncoupled state.
The installation is relatively straightforward, a quick guide is in the zip folder.
If you have problems, please contact us via PM!
If anyone would like to convert this modding tool for the LS19, I would be very happy.
Greeting Remraf

Scripts von Xentro
Original-Texturen von bm-Modding

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    Zipped or Unzipped? Doesn't show up either way and would be nice if the PDF was translated in English.
  • Ray


    2019-08-08 22:26
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    its the same for me to
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    "Zipped or unzipped?" How fcking stupid are you? Every mod works zipped. Why to even unzip them?
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    How fcking stupid are you by making a stupid ass comment!!
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    Yo guys it will not work because its for FS17 ..
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