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EasyAutoLoad v1.0.0.0
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EasyAutoLoad v1.0.0.0

EasyAutoLoad is now a standalone “global” mod – there is no need to include the script with a trailer/truck mod, this mod simply needs to be enabled for the trailer/truck to work.

Permission is not needed to create autoload trailers/trucks, end users of those mods simply need to have the EasyAutoLoad in their mod directory and enabled at game start for the trailer/truck to work.

People wanting to create autoloading equipment using this mod can look to the “LizardAutoloader” trailer found on this site as an example/template for their own mods.
Valid vehicle xml types are “autoloadTrailer” for a trailer or “autoloadTruck” for a truck.
Both types include the TensionBelts specialization and have “baseAttachable” and “baseDrivable” respectively as their “parent” vehicleType categories
***Existing mods using the easyAutoLoad script will need to be updated to remove the script and inputBindings.
No need to edit the .i3d of the mod, EasyAutoLoad still looks for the same information as it did before.

Mods requiring this file: lizard autoload


  • Lantz417
    2019-09-08 03:30 Send message
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    not working
  • Ray


    2019-09-10 06:28
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    I can not get it to do anything. Can anyone give better instructions. Sorry for my poor old brain functions.
  • Challenger
    2019-10-07 23:28
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    guys this is a weird issue!there are certain mods that are scripted to use this mod.they will tell you in the description of some mods to go to nexus to download this mod in order for other mods scripted to use this mod to work properly.so you have to have the right mods to use this one.for instance the following mod is one for this:TRUCKS AND AR FRAMES PACK V1.0.0.0so just watch for them.but download this EAL mod now & from here!the original creat
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