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Edward`s Trailer FS19 v1.0.0.0
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Edward`s Trailer FS19 v1.0.0.0

This is a trailer is a fiction is created by me from scratch. That's why I named it Edward`s Trailer
Price: 64500€
Capacity: 60000-140000 Liters
Colors Chasis option
Colors Base option
Colors wheels Option
Change wheels Option
Working lighting;.
Good physics
Quality appearance

Uploading again on other websites is not desired.
My approval is required for the reproduction and / or modification of the models for the purpose of republishing.
Have fun with it!

Edward`s Modding

  • Ricobab
    2020-01-15 10:13 Send message
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    So, as I said before my comment was removed : Nice trailer, no error in the log. Well done !
  • Simr here
    2020-01-16 04:19
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    hey Edward..your modding and its original work - I dig that.. (bravo) Chrome? tho..only looks good in magazines, pictures and car shows. I like this mod, so I cant hate on it. more mods from you Edward.. I like your original ideas.
  • Eric
    2020-01-24 12:07
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    Hey Edward, I really like this Trailer but I'm having trouble unloading. I am able to unload both sides fine when there is grain in both sides. However, once one side is empty the other won't unload even though I am switching tanks. Any ideas how I can fix it. Thanks.
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