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Egg Pallet v1.0.0.0
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Egg Pallet v1.0.0.0

This pallet can be used to transport eggs from your chicken pasture.
Put the pallet into loading area, and eggs will be loaded into this pallet instead of a box.

Price: 1000€
Capacity: 2400 (16 standard egg boxes)

Filling is visual, egg boxes appear one by one inside of the pallet as the fill level goes up.

Pallet is reusable.


  • Not as good
    2019-06-17 18:57
    5 2
    Not nearly as good as the one already available from AlexF -- Egg Pallet - Buyable v1.0 -- http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2019-mods/8658-egg-pallet-buyable-1-0/
  • Tim121672
    2019-06-18 00:05 Send message
    3 2
    @NOT AS GOOD...actually its the same mod, I think this guy stole it, and by stole, for those of you who are going to say you cant steal a mod, I mean claimed someone else's work, which is pretty lowlife thing to do.
  • @ohplease
    2019-06-18 01:03
    1 5
    Not again with the "someone stole a mod" bull shit!!!!!!!! In all honesty it ALL belongs to Giants, so get the f**k over the stolen mod shit!!!!!!!!!!
  • Stolen valour
    2019-06-18 09:58
    3 2
    It was stolen, original owner has spoke on this in the popular FS19 Facebook Groups, the word is out.
  • Caamo
    2019-06-18 18:34
    3 1
    Stolen or not... It's stupid enough to even publish mods that are clearly made better by someone else. Sad part is, this is much worse than original. This is like unfinished version :D So good luck MrHector :D :D
  • Tim121672
    2019-06-18 21:33 Send message
    2 1
    @OHPLEASE.... Mabey you should steal an English book and learn how to read before you comment. And stop embarrassing yourself by using profanity on a public mod site.
  • @tim121672
    2019-11-08 19:11
    0 0
    "Mabey" you should use that dictionary you refer to and learn the correct spelling of the word Maybe. And oh by the way, there is much worse profanity on publicly broadcast television and newspapers. You should get out of your mother's basement once in a while and sample the real world for a change.
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