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Eicherladewagen Pack v1.0
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Eicherladewagen Pack v1.0

This is a reskipped Sip loader wagon from the Modhub, the file contains two loader wagons and must be unpacked.
There is a blue and a red oak loader wagon, the red was so similar in real, the blue is fictitious and is not based on a model.
If a few bugs occur, please let me know, which should occur, don't take it badly this is my first mod. Best regards and have fun,
your agrar_dz
Thanks for the releases to bgamer003


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    2020-06-09 19:32
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    Прицеп отличный но зачем их два когда можно назначить конфигурацию цвета.
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    2020-06-09 20:08
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    file:///C:/Users/1chur/OneDrive/Рабочий стол/20200609200306_1.jpg
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