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EIERSHOLT Autodrive Course v1.0
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EIERSHOLT Autodrive Course v1.0

I have taken the autodrive course out of the version of Autodrive mod and adjusted it so it is usable in your savegame folder.
Maybe not perfect but a nice starting point with all field and roads covered.


  • Hefilump
    2020-10-23 18:49 Send message
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    Cannot get this to work - whenever I try to use it I get "xxx cannot get to xxx" regardles of where I am going from or to.Where is the original file?
  • Guest
    2020-10-30 10:22
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    it is baked into older versions of autodrive link:https://camo.githubusercontent.com/1959d6ef200c639438c207bfa1250eab733fd0c1/68747470733a2f2f686f73742d6d792d626974732e636f6d2f63646e2f6261646765732f762f32unzip take auto the auto drive file and rename match savegame autodrive file and overwrite.
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