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EM John Deere 7r v1.0.0.0
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EM John Deere 7r v1.0.0.0

This is the Eagles Modding modified John Deere 7R series

This tractor pulls most equipment without issues, it has a frontloader attacher option
all normal wheel options are available and have added rowcrop narrow wheel options
as well as spray tire options. Tires can be selected in single front and dual rear
tires dual front and triple rear tires and triples all the way around for the 
rowcrop and spray tires.

original models and Script: Giants
FS19_prefab_yaraNSensor : Gamer8250
Edits, blender construction,and anything that is not from the base game: (Eagles Modding)

  • Madsen
    2019-07-03 18:06
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    Go join their website, they have a great community with very skilled modders, been member for years.. C'ya there
  • Name
    2019-11-01 01:25
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    Um...CASE IS BETTER BOI1. Like if you like case2. Dislike if you hate case
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