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Empty Map 4x Landscape v0.98
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Empty Map 4x Landscape v0.98

Moin Here is a blank map for you!
The map only works with the Giants Editor 8.0.0 because the Giants Editor 8.0.1 Beta uses another shape!
The map will be updated soon, but that does not stop you from building!
The map is a 4x map because it's just more fun to build big maps! :)
Now enjoy building

Idee / Konzept: NoN87
Tester: NoN87
Sonstige: Giants

  • Bocephus
    2018-12-25 13:25 Send message
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    sure would be nice if animals were included but I doubt that'll ever happen!
  • Raven2971
    2018-12-26 00:14 Send message
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    BOCEPHUS the animals are now placeable you put them out your self this is 19 not 17
  • Bocephus
    2018-12-26 01:34 Send message
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    Raven2971Where do I get placeable animals? I know this is 19 and not 17! I'm not a dumb ass! I sure ain't seen no placeable animals on any website I've visited"
  • Bocephus
    2018-12-26 01:44 Send message
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    There's plenty of "Wildlife" animals on this site and others, but no sheep cows pigs or chickens!
  • Stu


    2018-12-26 03:09 Send message
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    in 19 you buy the animal pens thru the store. then you choose where they are placed.in 17 the pens had to be placed in giants and you either liked them there or you had to edit in giants to move.This is one of the reasons 19 is better as you can design your farm the way you want it
  • Gorby252
    2018-12-26 22:29 Send message
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    Thank'sWhy haven't you change the size of cultivator_density.gdm, fruit_density.gdm, mapUS_farmland.grle, terrainDetailHeight_density.gdm, tipColInfoLayer.grle and weed_density.gdm ?
  • Tomobrm
    2018-12-27 04:23 Send message
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    Warning: Texture 'TerrainDiffuseTextureArray' has wrong type (2darray instead of 2d) in 'terrainPatch27x26_mat'.Warning: Texture 'TerrainNormalMapTextureArray' has wrong type (2darray instead of 2d) in 'terrainPatch27x26_mat'.Error: Could not parse GISL program.ERROR: 'TERRAIN_LOD_TEXTURE_SIZE' : undeclared identifierError: Failed to compile shader FC1189A0-0000281C-00000000-B0000000.AMAZING map.
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