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CAT 385C Excavator v1.0.0.0
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CAT 385C Excavator v1.0.0.0

The Caterpillar 385C L is a large hydraulic excavator manufactured by Caterpillar Inc. The 385C L, with 385 hp (283 kW) of net flywheel power, is classified as a large excavator by Caterpillar.


  • Thomas
    2020-03-22 16:10
    13 4
    Is this by 4mr modding, because if it its its stolen dont download it out of respect for him
  • Thomas update
    2020-03-22 16:12
    4 2
    The file finished downloading and i saw the name, wow! because of the toxic community on this website is why modders quit, what was this a patreon member that released this publicly, can no one be trusted?
  • @thomas
    2020-03-22 16:21
    14 3
    Any modder who hides mods behind a paywall is pathetic and deserves the mods to b uploaded everywhere. Besides, this is a crap mod and the fact that someone wanted people to pay for it is the real crime
  • Robbie
    2020-03-22 16:48
    1 1
    its guest you dont know who its from
  • Name
    2020-03-22 16:52
    2 1
    robbie upload all the good excavators and stuff from 4mr and all the good tractors and stuff
  • Name
    2020-03-22 16:54
    1 1
    also send me pics on discord of there website my name on discord is wippinpost#2570 friend me on it
  • Pussy
    2020-03-22 17:01
    1 5
    Your a pussy you leak something and hide behind guest! Congrats your a terrible leaker lmao
  • Fuck you
    2020-03-22 17:09
    9 2
    This mod does not work well, it is rubbish.
  • Bad community
    2020-03-22 19:08
    3 4
    This is whats making modders keep shit private and using mods on paywalls. I would imagine that soon, people wont even release stuff anymore bc of this shit.
  • Smells like karma
    2020-03-22 20:41
    8 3
    couldnt have happened to a nicer guy! spend your whole day being a self righteous asshole and treating people like shit and this is what you get! and for someone who claims to be the best modder in the game these things sure are garbage lmao
  • You idiots
    2020-03-22 22:29
    3 5
    thats cause it was a wip thats why its behind a paywall thats why they dont work right they're set for joystick for right now but enjoy the mod good luck ever seeing another one
  • Rory kain is a bitch
    2020-03-23 01:41
    2 2
    Probably leaked it himself just so he didn't have to release it to all you peasants. Bow to the Almighty Canuk Rory Kain.
  • Me


    2020-03-23 06:03
    0 0
    he released it on his page
  • Name
    2020-03-23 13:21
    1 0
    first of all who ever leaked this is so desperately in need of attention. only reason i would ever imagine a leak happening is someone is starving for attention their daddy didnt give them growing up. rory is for sure a top modder i mod with him all day. hes great guy and nice to the people who are snowflake bitches and cry cuz they cant mod. change you input bindings if you cant figure that out you dont deserve the mod.. show me one excavator thats better ill wait?.... fukn fags... no modder w
  • Name
    2020-03-23 13:30
    0 0
    just because someone doesnt tend to every whiney little bitches needs and because someone doesnt fake it to make it and has no filter dont make them bad person. everyone always has something bad to say.. everyone wants real till real is presented well grow the fuck up. if his mods arent great than extreme measures to leak them wouldnt happen. hid behind paywall?? get a fucking clue. these models cost a shit load they aint just flying around in barts gay model folder so fuck yourselfs i dont bla
  • Name
    2020-03-23 13:32
    0 0
    and lastly if your not the biggest fucking pussy in community than show who you are? lets hear it tough guy...sit here and cry about hiding behind something open your eyes bitch show your face....tell us who is so tough that they think they can get away with bullshit.. or are you afraid? i think i know answer to this.. sorry your not welcome in the club ya fucking twat waffle...dont sit outside the clubhouse door and cry
  • Oh please, calm ur tits
    2020-03-23 13:52
    1 1
    people will continue to leak shit, so there's no stopping that. and most modders haven't gone private, right? there's still quite a bit of mods being released. only a few are, or have gone private. let's not go into panic mode. and jesus, the person who said this community is toxic, is sure not wrong! you guys are out of control animals. if these people would quit releasing mods privately, none of this would happen. or just stop having beta testers? honestly! this stuff is preventable.
  • Benchw
    2020-03-23 19:16 Send message
    1 1
    !!!!!!!! YEA LIKE MY TRUCK THEY STOLE AND POSTED YEARS AGO FOR 15 !!!!!!!! Hell yea couldnt happen to a nicer guy if it even is his...
  • Brain
    2020-03-24 01:21
    0 2
  • Name
    2020-03-24 01:48
    0 1
  • Asshole
    2020-03-24 02:11
    1 2
    Fuckin pussy release everyones mods
  • Csx68
    2020-03-24 05:01 Send message
    1 1
    Nice cat, but to a good modder WTF! Now to go to the "contacts tab". Anyone else thinking the same thing?
  • Fuck you and yer club
    2020-03-24 12:47
    2 1
    Come see me in person and i'll knock you back on your mamma's tittie...
  • Pussy noobs!
    2020-03-25 01:57
    1 0
  • Weeeeee
    2020-03-25 18:17
    0 0
  • Parsimods.ir
    2020-03-28 16:34
    0 0
  • Paywall
    2020-03-31 18:03
    0 0
    Don't get why modders would put thier mods behind a paywall. Better to release it to the offical modhub if he wants to earn money on it. Its good pay if the mod is good enough. And thing will be kept nice and tidy. There will always be somone that dosen't respect the modders work and they will do disrespectful things like this.
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