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EXP19 84 Toyota Hilux v1.0
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EXP19 84 Toyota Hilux v1.0

* FS19 RELEASE!!! *


this is another one of those builds i was doing for myself but decided to release
  • Dynamic Suspension scripted in all components (leafs, shocks, cardans...)
  • 2 animated antennas to choose from magnet mount or front fender
  • Bed options with changing straps/ collisions for each option, dog box option places straps and collisions on top of the box, there are no collisions for the camper shell. i tried they made the truck wig out so i just deleted them.
  • Decals selection
  • Multiple wheels choice (lift depends on the selected wheels)
  • Custom made FOX Suspension for the lift version
Thanks to David for creating custom wear and spec maps along with the tube tailgate. thank you to the team for all the help and testing and special thanks to AW Modding for figuring out the animated antennas if yall dont follow his page go check it out.

Expendables Modding
AW Modding

  • Gross
    2020-01-26 20:54
    7 18
    just gross
  • Lolxd
    2020-01-26 23:18
    2 5
  • Hank 3
    2020-01-26 23:33
    11 5
    Nice offroader! Great Mod!
  • Name
    2020-01-27 00:51
    4 1
    "animated antennas" and 163mb - amazing
  • @163mb
    2020-01-27 05:45
    2 2
    awe cookie is that to big a file size for you potato to handle?
  • Nice
    2020-01-27 06:36
    0 0
  • Name
    2020-01-27 08:40
    2 0
    'animated antennas' and 163mb - amazing
  • Bigrichmod
    2020-01-27 12:08 Send message
    3 3
    why is this mod grossly over weight @163 Mb? it's just a question that deserves an answer, not ridicule. the suspension looks fantastic - good job.
  • Ricobab
    2020-01-27 15:41 Send message
    8 3
    @BIGRICHMOD : That is simple : the unzipped mod is heavy because of the custom shaders (78mb), the specific textures (16mb), the custom wheels (64mb) and the 3D model (80mb)When you do an original mod which does not uses the ingame files (because you have specific textures, custom sound, original parts such as wheels..etc) the mod is heavy.The ingame mods are light because they use ingames files. If you extract an ingame mod and take all the files he uses, he will of course be more
  • @ricobab
    2020-01-27 16:09
    4 2
    ricobab was ricobabbling about things he knows nothing about
  • Ricobab
    2020-01-27 19:29 Send message
    3 4
    Well, I just answered to a question regarding the size of the file. I don't care if you do not agree or even understand what is modding.
  • @ricobab
    2020-01-28 01:02
    4 4
    then you have that in common with expendables, neither of you understand modding
  • Ricobab noob
    2020-01-28 01:22
    2 2
    he ha ricobab big noob
  • Bigrichmod
    2020-01-28 04:42 Send message
    3 0
    ah yes, but no one said thank you..to the acknowledged comment of the chassis, but will throw me under the bus for asking a question...yup teen age assholes are involved. AND THATS WHY NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOU. and why these mod site need NEW fresh modders/ editors.. punks are loitering around the door blocking anything good coming to this site, ready to steal anything and everything. and that's all you are is a loud mouth Key Board Punk...end of story.
  • Name
    2020-01-28 04:48
    1 1
    It's Just A Prank Bro!
  • Bigrichmod
    2020-01-28 04:52 Send message
    0 1
    you cant stop my mods/ edits from taking this site over. my edits are FRESH, and just exactly what the gamer farmer needs...you will release anything, just to have something out there. funny, how my one mod has..made all the difference in just a matter of hours. and you have what? thousands of worthless garbage mods, and been at it longer?...LMAO. its about quality son...not quantity!!! your own followers will include MY MODS in their games. because the NEED for quality mods is in demand, not
  • Name
    2020-01-28 06:11
    0 0
    It's Just A Prank
  • @bigrichmod
    2020-01-28 06:22
    0 0
    you sure got a big ego under your hood..... where are these so called "fresh edits" at?! I don't see them in your profile at all. i call your "fresh edits" bullshit.... unless you got proof that your mods are better than every other modder's mod out there.
  • Quit yer shit talkin kids
    2020-01-28 08:43
    2 1
    Yknow, a lot of you kids claim all kinds of shit, " MY mODs r BeTtur" or some other autistic fuckin remark. Shut your fuckin mouth and leave Expendables alone, if you dont like what they produce, shut the fuck up , keep your shitty, worthless opinion to yourself and MOVE THE FUCK OVER IT. Be thankful they make great mods, and with quality. I have several of their mods, both public and some private by them, and i LOVE them. You fuckin kids just run your mouth to look cool. No one fucking asked f
  • Ricobab
    2020-01-28 15:58 Send message
    0 1
    @@RICOBAB : We can't wait to see your amazing mods. Oh wait, that will never happen because your only skill is to be a keyboard warrior in your parent's [email protected] NOOB : same for you.
  • Ricobab noob
    2020-01-28 16:51
    1 0
    i gots mod in works, it wil be released next week.
  • @quit yer shit talkin kids
    2020-01-28 18:27
    1 2
    know your role and shut your hole, keyboard warrior, this is a terrible mod and people are calling it out, deal with it
  • Ricobab noob
    2020-01-28 19:48
    0 2
    and can you bring it to PS4? i only play on console
  • Ricobab
    2020-01-28 23:30 Send message
    1 0
    LOL. That is why you are here. To see all the nice mods available on console ^^
  • Treyten
    2020-01-29 02:44
    1 0
    it would be cool if fs19 made gta 5 like suspension for cars and trucks. nice mod by the way!
  • Great mod
    2020-01-29 02:53
    1 0
    Great camp truck. Can you add a winch to the truck.
  • Relax
    2020-01-29 03:52
    3 0
    Too many kids complaining about mods when they can't pump out anything remotely decent. This is why we all keep our shit private because you kids are just too ungrateful and don't appreciate the time and effort put into these mods.
  • Ricobab double noob
    2020-01-29 04:29
    2 2
    console is so gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,,,,, @relax, no one cares about your shitty mods. its probably a good thing that you are keeping your shit private, cause it will SUCK.
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  • Ray20
    2020-01-30 11:07 Send message
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    @Expendables: Hi can you please explain to me why I was blocked or banned from your fb group a year or so ago. I was just curious as I was never given a notice and was just wanting to apologize for whatever it was. If you could PM or contact me back, that would excellent. If not I understand completely. Thanks.
  • @ray20
    2020-01-30 16:50
    2 1
    quit being a little bitch and man up, it's a facebook group that nobody gives a shit about and you're whining in public about it?
  • Ray20
    2020-01-31 10:05 Send message
    0 1
    Wow !! Those are some very tough words … Internet Warrior smh lol
  • Ray20
    2020-01-31 10:10 Send message
    0 1
    BTW I was just asking a question and trying to get in touch with the Expendables team. Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong.
  • @ray20
    2020-01-31 14:29
    1 0
    you're airing your dirty laundry in public, pretty much whining about a facebook group in public, you're acting like a little bitch in public, you're making your little problem public, and you're going to tell people to not stick their nose in it? grow up and stop whining, put on your big girl panties and man up.
  • @@ray20
    2020-01-31 15:29
    0 1
    how is he whining? it was a legitimate question in regards to their facebook page. simple question, not a whine. you are the one whining here though.
  • For sale
    2020-02-01 05:21
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    Encyclopedia, 36 volumes.No longer needed as these rude yanks in here know every fucking thing!Seriously, is there any bloody moderation of the comments that most of these trolls post in here?
  • @for sale
    2020-02-01 06:17
    1 0
    you seem to be a troll too. get the fcuk outta here!
  • Ewwwww gay dodge
    2020-02-01 06:19
    1 2
    who tf posted a pic of an butt fcuking ugly dodge?!?!?!?! not a yota hilux, the dodge is just gayyyyyyyyyyyyy
  • Somedude
    2020-02-01 20:25
    0 1
  • Jacob
    2020-02-01 22:34
    0 3
    hey can you make a nice police truck, and can you make a regular truck and put { Jacob } on the side with different wheel options and bed options. Also a camper with a working door and a inteier " you can open door on outside of the camper would be nice". and lastly can you make a xxxxl map combining maps.ALL FOR FS19PLEASE ON MODHUB.US Please put Jacob or Jeb so i know it is this if you decide to make one or all.
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