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EXP19 KaylnSIebert48ft Tiltdeck v1.0
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EXP19 KaylnSIebert48ft Tiltdeck v1.0

48ft Kayln Siebert Slide axle trailer. I believe its the first of its kind in fs, only issue with the trailer is the wheels wont roll when sliding the axle forward, sorry thats just a issue with giants. theres a attaher joint at the front of the trailer that will hold the Exley winch.

Expendables Modding

  • David pauley
    2019-12-24 20:58
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    Thank this is really cool.
  • Sam


    2019-12-25 07:03
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    some one should make a chip truck body for this truck
  • What
    2019-12-26 23:24
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    What truck is that with the tri axle in the picture? Can I please get a link?
  • Poop
    2020-01-01 21:21
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    I like this mod a lot, and I have been looking for a trailer like this for a while.
  • What
    2020-06-19 03:28
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    @WHAT i thinck that truck is a kenworth or, a peterbilt
  • Hygs
    2020-06-21 20:40
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    Where is the Exley winch??
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