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Expendables 06 Mega Chevy Edit v1.5
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Expendables 06 Mega Chevy Edit v1.5

All credits to the guys at expendables for the original truck i just made it my own with suspension and big ass tires hope you guys enjoy. Theres alot more to come with this truck im learning new stuff all the time so keep and eye out for v2!

Expendables,Rambow145,LamboMods,RedsEdits. If anyone sees anything that deserves credit elsewhere just let me know the groups mentioned above are groups I am positive had a part in this trucks creation in one way or another. Thanks to you guys.

  • Wow


    2019-10-13 20:03
    3 2
    2200 HP 375 MPH to FAST for ur momma....i love it
  • Redsedits
    2019-10-13 23:34 Send message
    3 1
    Haha I got some work to do on the engine configs but they'll do for now figured it needed a pointlessly awesome tune lol
  • Daniel
    2019-10-14 09:09
    2 1
    i love the ol gal up front
  • Caamo
    2019-10-14 22:32
    1 3
    Expendables... again... :D :D :D :D :D those fucking ass clowns...
  • Transport
    2019-10-16 02:57
    1 0
    Now we need a wide ass low loader, better yet a not so low loader with the same tires as this
  • Name
    2019-10-16 04:50
    1 0
    I want the red one on the trailer
  • Nick
    2019-10-18 02:42
    0 0
    No matter how I download it, it still wont work in my game! Please help.
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