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ExtendedDriving v1.0.0.0
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ExtendedDriving v1.0.0.0

This script extends the driving characteristics by selectable driving directions. The driving direction has to be selected by yourself.
The acceleration button is used to accelerate in any direction and the brake button is always used to brake.
After entering the vehicle you have to select the driving direction before the vehicle can be moved.

Team LTW

  • Caamo
    2019-05-14 13:30
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    Extended? You have just added the most simple feature of these great mods: VehicleControlAddon (https://github.com/Mogli12/VehicleControlAddon) and TSX_EnhancedVehicle (https://github.com/ZhooL/TSX_EnhancedVehicle)
  • Name
    2019-05-14 21:25
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    how tf do I select drive or reverse
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